Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lookout Home Depot...

The Wannabes are going tiller shopping.  Since I can't figure out how to blog from my phone, you'll have to wait for it.


  1. I am jealous, in a good way, of course! I have been asking Santa for a tiller for years now, but either I've been bad, or he's totally not listening. Have fun shopping!

  2. Blogging from your phone is totally easy. Be careful not to over-till. It will fluff the top layer (a foot or so) but compress what lies beneath. Tomatoes need two feet for the tap root!


  3. Badelf! Bad! :P

    We only did a comparison shop today. Sticker shock made me forget to take pics. I guess we'll have to do some research *sigh* to decide what we need versus what we want. Maybe I'll get a poll going.

    Tink, I registered my phone and got some cryptic instructions on how to blog via text. Is there some sort of app that I can use? BTW, you are now the blog's tech advisor. Bragging rights in lieu of pay? LOL

  4. Thank God Tink's here. I haven't even figured out my Blackberry. Changing the fuckin' ringtone is a project for me.