Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the Vegetable of the Day Is...

This has nothing or everything to do with a blog about gardening.  The first  time I ever ate at a certain chain restaurant who have rocking chairs out front for your leisure to wait for a table (which is way cool), I was still a carnivore.     I can’t remember what fried protein item I ordered, but the thing I do remember distinctly to this day revolves around the “Vegetable of the Day.”     Their menu clearly stated “vegetable of the day”  and not “sides.”  I ordered.

Me:  I'll have the the fried carcass, the fried okra and the collard greens.
Waitress:  You get one more with that.
Me:  Okay.  What’s your vegetable of the day?
Waitress:  Macaroni and Cheese
Me:  What part of that is a vegetable?
Waitress:  Blank stare
My Mother:  crawled under a table
My Sister:  Spewed sweet-tea out of her nose.
Me:  That’ll be fine

What do y’all think?  Can we grow mac-n-cheese?  


  1. Yes, you can - if the radiation levels are high enough. How close are you the Three Mile Island?

  2. Yeah, but only from genetically modified seeds, the supply of which is 50% controlled by Kraft. The other 50% is controlled by the US Cheeze Workers Union ( Local 504 in Wisconsin, who are currently descending en masse on our nation's capital.


  3. What? You don't have yours planted already? OMG...ROOKIES!

  4. Clearly we've missed the Monsanto gravy train. We are within Three Mile Island fallout range, so maybe they'll become sponsors? There is no lack of around. I will have to skulk around the local mushroom farms to recruit.

  5. I keep trying to come up with something witty to say about the Mac-n-cheese being a vegetable and well.... For once... I'm at a loss for words. So, what did you have to drink? Butter beans?