Monday, March 12, 2012

Tsk. Tsk. Mannie...

Did you really think misspelling your name on this establishment would throw us off the fact that you are involved in selling your meat?  Again.

I have my spies Mannie.
Albeit unwitting spies in this case, they are out there.  A friend of mine who is off the charts smart, as well as beautiful inside and out and fiercely loyal, giving...all in all amazing...and who doesn't think she is any of those things ate at your Family Restaurant today Mannie.  She gave it a solid thumbs down.

I suggested to her that it is perhaps she thought she was eating a "wIEner" when in fact, she was eating a "wEIner."  The fuck Mannie?  Being a Wando grad, I can at least spell wiener and my name correctly.

Next...We have seeds in the ground.  Peas and lettuce people!


  1. Ok, just a few comments:

    1: Who the fuck has hot dogs for breakfast?
    2: That's the skinniest damn phone booth I've ever seen...
    3: That's a big Texas-Sized Wiener on that sign, established in 1979. I'm quite sure at 10 I wasn't packing that kinda meat. It doesn't even fit in the bun-
    4: (I had something typed here, but you really don't wanna know what it said.)

    Sorry to disappoint, but definately not my joint. If I were to open a hotdog place, it would be a Skoogie's Chicago-Style. Fuck Texas.


  2. Ya know..... This shit is just too easy. I can see it now... "Monday is MEAT MADNESS" at Mannie's weiner hut!

  3. But here's the rub Mannie, this joint is actually in Pennsylvania. Fuck Texas indeed. And, if you suck at spelling AND geography surely you suck at getting a date right on a sign. Also, my friend who outed you has Chicago connections so don't think you can fly under the radar there. You might want to pull out ol' #4 after all.

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