Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nothing says Christmas

Like an elf with razor teeth...

drawn by the Eldest Spawn, age 3
Bwaaahaaahaaha.  Art was never his strong suit.

You know what this means people.  The Wannabes have been decorating.  After yesterday's foray out in public to run errands fully reaffirmed for me the fact that I have come to loathe and despise not only most people but this holiday, today's events were needed to put me in a better mood.

C'mon people.  If Christmas makes you want to run red lights, stop signs and over the elderly in a parking lot, then you need to take a break and reassess the reason for the season.  I wish I could realistically stay inside my house for the entire month of December.

Next...That's right, I have an aluminum pom-pom Christmas tree and it is righteous.


  1. I want a picture of this tree, I am getting a Charlie Brown tree....minimal is good and necessary this year !

  2. Considering that the kid was three... I think that the razor teeth Elf is pretty good; The ears are a little off... and the nose is all... Uh... Between the eyes (Where it should be!) All in all, It's not too bad. We give him shit every year for the Elf, though; He takes it in stride.

    Yeah... We went out and picked a tree. Since we're on the subject of the Eldest kid... I wanna let you know that not only did he cut the tree down by himself... He also drove us out to the tree farm. The driving thing is coming along pretty nicely, He's confident behind the wheel... It's none of this nervous and shaky shit going on with him... Hell... He could drive ME all over the place from now on as far as I'm concerned.

    The Christmas tree. Once we got the big boy home and cut the twine on it? This fuckin' thing was like a jack-in-the-box and went "BOIOIOING" and almost knocked me over. "Overkill" would be putting it lightly. I initially couldn't see exactly how big it was because I was all engulfed in the thing but once I heard Farmer Chele say "Oh my God!... Holy shit, that's a big fuckin' tree...." I kinda put 2 and 2 together and figured out that it was a pretty big fuckin' tree. I had to lop about two feet off of the top so that it would fit inside of the house. Chele and the kids watched "Christmas Vacation" and decorated the tree. "Christmas Vacation"..."Christmas Holiday" ... Whatever the fuck the movie's called.... The National Lampoon's thing. I passed on the movie and the decorating thingy; Chevy Chase just doesn't do it for me. (Seeing Clark Griswald and his antics just strikes a little too close to home for me.) I feel like I should contact an Attorney or something.

  3. I'm actually going to try and stay in my house for the whole month of December. I will leave for food only! No, really! ...well at least not drive and stay in the neighborhood...people drive like that year round in Savannah. I've never seen anything like it! Anna