Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

How blingy and silvery and poofy your branches.

Aluminum Pom-Pom tree with green color wheel or gold, they look the same in pictures.

Blue color wheel.

Red color wheel.
Complete with vintage Shiny-Brite and Jewel-Brite ornaments.  I really, really want the rotating color wheel stand...if anyone was wondering what to get me for Christmas.

And then, we had to bring home the largest real tree we could find.

Ted had to cut at least a foot from the trunk and a foot off of the top so it would fit.  No wonder he refused to watch Christmas Vacation with us.  "Lots of sap."

Don't worry people, Scrooge is coming around.  When Ted and I first reconnected, he didn't celebrate Christmas.  At all.  Now look at him, cutting down trees and turning on the lights before I get home at night.

Enough with the sap.  There's a new poll.  The Herb Finale.

Next...One inflatable lawn ornament is one too many, unless it's this one...


  1. Ah! The good 'ol pom pom tree. The thing just screams old school. So I just got yelled at for "Moving around" too much in the bed so fuck it... I'll sit down here in my lair and pout. Dammit!

    So the job hunt is back on.... You wanna talk about age discrimination at it's finest? I was told that they were looking for someone around 26 or 27 and for those who don't know it.... I haven't seen 26 or 27 in QUITE some time so the short and the thick of it was... "Fuck off." Oh well... So the resume has been flying all over the place. It's all for the best... I'm not going to call any names but the guy that let me go treats his employees like (Notice the quotation marks) "FUCKING GARBAGE." I mean... It was pretty bad. Dude wanted someone that was going to run his kitchen like he does.... Treating people like shit and I wasn't the guy for the job. I don't treat people that way. I could tell that he was just itchin' to say something shitty to me but he would always end up having stage fright or something and just not say anything. (Good move, Motherfucker.) Anyways... I'm over it... All the best. (And then I get yelled at this morning.) FINE! I'm gonna be a dick! There's not going to be any Egg beaters in SOMEONE'S future (Michele's)... You know... The non fattening kind? Fuck no... Today? It's the fattening kind. With Heavy Cream. And Cheese. So there. Oh yeah... Warming up the car in the morning? So SOMEONE (Michele) won't be cold? Not today... It's gonna be cold as a bastard! Like SOMEONE'S HEART! (Michele's.)

    Here's some funny shit... So the youngest spawn eats spiral ham for lunch everyday; You know the kind... The kind that's all juicy and good? Well, He doesn't like the juicy part of it; Says that his ham is wet. He now wants his ham to be patted dry before being placed in the sandwich bag. So I tell him... "Boy....I'm not drying your ham... That sounds nasty!" So he starts yelling at me to dry his ham! (Looks like I'll be drying the ham from now on.) He did INDEED have a valid point whenever he said... "You WILL dry my ham, Sir... It'll give you something to do since you don't have a job!" LMAO... Great! I now have a job as the house ham dryer. I didn't sign on for all of this heartless shit!

  2. WOW.....this is something funny bone was primed for laughter....but the Heavy Cream and Cheese killed that !

  3. I told ya.... I'm gonna be a BITCH today.

  4. ;) you two ... ;) bitch I know .. Natural subscriber !!!

  5. Hey, I was wondering what up with the blog! And where is the holiday spirit, Ted? Don't blame you about the job, life is too short to be nasty to people. And if you are not tied to a job maybe y'all can come home during holiday, maybe??? Miss y'all. Lots. Alys Anne

  6. Ted, be yourself always...just don't always be yourself. Beautiful Christmas trees! -Anna