Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy BirthdayDammit!

It's the blog's birthday.  What a crazy year.

In GrowDammit News:  We haven't started any sprouts yet.  On tap for this weekend are a couple of artichoke and brussel sprout seed starts.  And, we'll pull out Atilla to till up our new garden spot because soon we can sow our lettuces and peas.

We have learned from our mistakes, which isn't to say we won't make more.  But, we will be blogging them.

We tried to get the Keeper of the Garden to pose cheerfully, or at least menacingly, in celebration...

Can barely contain his excitement over it all...

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  1. I think that it's fun to scroll back and revisit some of the crazy shit that's happened to us this past year; I'd like to sit here and tell you guys all about it but I'm getting ready to hit the 'ol workplace and bust out some Hong Kong style crispy duck with a scallion-potato pancake that's drizzled with a hoisin barbecue sauce with grilled asparagus.... Cause that's how we roll at Blue Cafe.