Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day 2012

Just feeling like we should get this one on the books somehow...because who knows if this blog will be around in 4 years and how lame would it be to NOT post SOMETHING on a gratuitous day if we are still Growdammitting it?  The pressure is getting to me y'all.  And, now here is a random Growdammit Leap Year Commemorative photo...

Feel free to put us on ignore every Leap Year.  Pretty much sums it up.

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  1. Leap Day can kiss my ASS! Without getting into the gory details, yesterday was a pain in the ass, Man. Naturally... My fucked up day started at work; One guy that works with us was sick as SHIT the day before so I told him to go home and try and get better. There was no playing around... This guy LOOKED sick as shit, so He was out all day which was kind of a pain because we have a small crew anyways but I figured that the remaining three of us would be alright. Fuckin' WRONG again. The other Dude (Part of the remaining three...) gets his paycheck the day before and decides to pull a "No call/No show" on us... Now we're down to two. The owner (Saint Paul) as he come to be known... Jumped right in and helped us out so we made it... It was a pain in the balls... But we made it. I usually don't call my co-workers by name but my hat's off to Marcella; She's the baby of the bunch but this kid will work her fuckin' ass off, if I'm ever going into battle... I'll take Marcella along with me every time; She gets the shit done... Every time. So enough about work.

    So it's Wednesday and the youngest spawn has piano lessons... At the same time that the eldest spawn has rugby practice; That's an easy fix because Chell will take the youngest and Me and the eldest will do Rugby. So it's fuckin' POURING rain and rugby gets cancelled so he has the bright idea that He wants to hit up Gamestop for a couple new games, so we do that... I figured that he needed some driving time in the rain... at 5:00 rush hour traffic. I hand him the keys and off we go. I could tell that he was a little out of his element with the traffic and the pissing rain and all... But we made it without a scratch. (He's a good driver.) On the way back... However... I decided that I would drive. Man... I didn't even get back onto the highway before I smacked the Jag into the wall on the on ramp. Fuck Man... We just kissed the wall but still... I just should have let the kid drive back in the first fuckin' place. Here's a bright spot for ya... The only damage was a dent (On top of the previous dent) to the right fender that had to be replaced anyways... so no harm. From now on... I'm letting the eldest drive me around. Obviously... He's a better driver... Fuck leap day.