Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's been a banner day here...

At GrowDammit HQ.  I'll spare you the gory details of the toe incident, and skip to the fact that I have to tape my toenail down to my bruised toe so I can put it into a shoe.  And to add insult to injury,

I have hard boiled egg yolk stuck to my ceiling.
I was in my bedroom futzing around on the computer with the Dragon snoring on his bed and waiting for Ted to get home from work, when I heard a loud popping noise from downstairs.  It sounded like something had fallen and broken, and the Dragon flew down the stairs.  When he reached the bottom, he started barking and snarling in the general direction of the Family, I ran and grabbed the Convincer because I was convinced someone was trying to break in through a window and had knocked something over.  The Convincer is the axe handle Ted keeps beside the bed, you know, to convince somebody who has broken in that they made a poor choice.  Like Hurricane looters.  Anyway, the dog gets quiet and all of the sudden more loud noise scared me into locking myself in the bathroom.  I knew Ted was on his way home, so I called him 1st.  And 2nd, and 3rd until he finally answered.  I told him I thought someone *might* be in the house, and the next thing I know he's in the Kitchen with an axe yelling "What the fuck is this shit?"

Why Michele is never allowed to boil anything unsupervised again.
I had put on a pot of eggs, and totally forgotten about them and they exploded.  All over the place.  There was bits of egg and shell all over the counters, everything on the counters, the cabinets - floor to ceiling - the ceiling, the ceiling fan, the floor halfway across the Kitchen.  The house smelled like burned rotten egg farts.

On the plus side, Chef Ted made me Shrimp Etouffee for supper.  And it was yummy.


  1. I am sorry, I was going to make a comment but I need to go pee first ROFL


  2. Tink, aren't you supposed to be cleaning your stove? LMAO

  3. Looking back on it... I kinda wish that someone WOULD have been in the house because then I could have chopped the ever lovin' shit outta somebody. That would have brightened up my day or at the very least... Made me feel a lot better about it. So the other day (Saturday) I fired the SHIT out of one of my strongest employees; Ultimately, I'm the one who's getting screwed over by it but not for too long because I have his replacement showing up for work on Tuesday. In a nutshell... The Dude wanted to flex a little muscle and show everyone that he was his own Man and no one was going to tell him what to do and how things go. Ha! What a bad fuckin' move. This makes #3 in as many weeks... Actually... It's #4. The 4th one was actually the 1st one whenever the old chef came in to lend a hand and I kinda told him "Thanks" but "No thanks..." (He looked all sad and shit... Like no one wanted to be his friend anymore.) Well ya know... That's exactly the treatment that you get whenever you act like some "Superstar" Fuckin' A-Hole that has ZERO respect for your co-workers. Yelling at people... Talking down to people... Shit like that just doesn't fly as far as I'm concerned. So yeah... I fired the fuck head on Saturday and here rolls around Sunday Brunch and We got our asses HANDED to us on a platinum plate! I don't know the exact numbers but I'd say that we did fed close to 400 to 450 people in about three hours. We pulled it off though... I'm not gonna sit here and say that it went as smooth as silk but at the end of the day, The people were fed... and they paid for it... So all ended well. (Until I get the phone call that someone may be in the house...)

    You guys can kinda figure out how it went from there but I just figured that I'd give you guys the "Play by play" of the events that led up to the "Egg Incident." (In quotation marks...)