Thursday, February 23, 2012

What do you do when a Christmas ornament breaks?

Me?  If they are meaningful, I try to fix them or replace them.  If they are not, I toss them.

I have/had an ornament of a cruise ship.  Can't remember where I got it or why I have it, so this year when it fell off the tree and the back half of it shattered I was going to trash it.

Here's what Farmer Ted did with it...

Hangs it from a lamp like the Titanic going down.

This is of course in the lair.  Sorry for the multiple pictures, but I couldn't decide which one best conveyed the moment.


  1. Who knew Farmer Ted had such an eye for decor? I love that he's got a theme goin' on with the map and everything! haha!

  2. In the background is one of my National Geographic maps of Europe. I noticed that it was a map of the Italian Coast... On the same day that the dude flipped over the cruise ship. It was pretty funny. Ah... The lair; The home of randomness. A Trifle bowl from the United States Senate... A set of Elephant tusks... A remote controlled T-Rex... Hot wheels cars... Foos Ball table. Shit like that; and BOOKS... It's a ton of 'em. Yep... There's always something to look at down here. I'm waiting for the Spring so that we can go back to sitting on the deck, checking out the gardens. I'm thinking that this year, We'll only have one big garden instead of the two... and I'm going to space things out; It was so crowded last season, We could barely move in between the rows. Oh well... We're still on the learning curve. We'll figure it out though...

  3. Hey, I have a trifle bowl from the Senate, too! Guessing we both received these as wedding presents. How funny! I love the ship hanging from the lamp, Farmer Ted. Miss y'all, lots. Alys Anne