Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This might be why the US Postal Service is going bankrupt.

Last week at work I had to mail some Marketing materials.  I weighed the package on my handy dandy little scale and printed the postage and off it went.  This has always worked fine for me before.

Until now.
3 cents?
Uhh, I'm pretty sure it cost you more to send it back to me than it would have just to let it go on its merry way.  Not to mention the condition of the half-way sent package looked like it had been to a war zone.

Or, it could be that the Postmaster General is the 2nd highest paid government job in this country.  I sure wish I had a cushy job as the CEO of a corporation that is facing financial ruin, AND I get rewarded by a ridiculous salary and millions of dollars in annual bonuses.  

The last time I checked, Greed was supposed to be a deadly sin.

Next...A new poll?  Farmer Ted comes out of retirement?  And he kicks ass.  Toddler pants in public?  I catch shit b/c I pronounce mayonnaise "mannaise" because I'm not a Yankee?  Who's to say?


  1. OK, that is pretty ridiculous that they sent that back to you because of 3 cents. Greed indeed. In my neighborhood the mailman only picks up my outgoing mail when I have incoming mail. Sometimes my mail sits for up to 3 days until it finally gets picked up. Do they do that everywhere now?? Anybody know? -Anna

  2. I stopped sending mail from my house b/c things would be delivered late or disappear. The old mailman was a complete asshat who claimed that Rufus bit him, but never filed charges or could show puncture wounds. He just didn't want to have to come to the front door when we got packages. Why do people choose to work a job that they clearly don't like? If you're lazy and don't want to have to get out of your truck and walk 2 steps, get a desk job.