Sunday, January 1, 2012

For luck and for fortune...

Hoppin' John for luck.  Collard greens for fortune.  Pork tenderloin for the half Yankee spawn b/c that's what they do up here north of the Mason Dixon line.

Happy New Year Y'all.  Here's to a peaceful, prosperous and bountiful 2012.

Next...Easter candy already?  *sigh*

And a very Happy Bday to our friend Mare!  We hope you had a beautiful day.


  1. *drooling* That looks as amazing as those shrimp and cheesy grits tasted a few weeks ago. Why is it that we live so far away?

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, and sending best wishes for a most wonderful 2012 for our favorite Farmers!

  2. I've got to throw this out there.... The pork loin was some fork tender; For that matter... Everything was perfect. (Because that's how we Farmer's roll...)

    Happy Birthday Mare... Maybe next time you guys can stay a while longer. We're STILL eating Keebler shit. I never put two and two together and figured out that Kelloggs bought out Keebler. A friend of mine is a member of the Kellogg family; He's an older guy but that doesn't matter... I have friends that are all ages, Anyways... 'Ol Man Kellogg is about as crazy as a shit house rat but once you reach 70... and you're rich as fuck... I suppose that you're entitled to be a little loopy.

    So I got myself a New Years haircut. I'm gonna stick with Chele cutting my hair because this fuckin' "Haircut" that I'm sportin' now? Is about the shittiest hairdo known to Man. I should have known better... Everyone in the place was all young and hip hoppy lookin'. I was aiming at an Ivy league lookin' haircut and what I ended up with was a fuckin' fade that starts at the top of my noggin' and ends somewhere around my ears. Remember me saying that I wasn't gonna take off my fur hat until Spring? Well... Now it's official. Oh well... The hat's cool as shit.