Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Bad. THIS is why the US Postal Service is going bankrupt...

It's because they care.
Apparently a piece of mail that was supposed to be delivered to us got mangled, and the USPS cares enough to make sure we got our Holiday Greeting Card? No.  Our bill from the phone company?  No.  Our income tax refund?  No.

Our cover page of a catalog that got ripped off.

I guess this kind of care is why they need that extra 3 cents?

P.S.  The price of a stamp goes up by a penny tomorrow.

Next...The Sock Monkey Revisited.  It's scary how much free time some people have to get crafty with it.

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  1. This kills me. My Buddy worked for the USPS and said that it's turned into a bucket of fuck.... Once again, We have a union to thank for this shit that's become the Post office. The American work force has gone to SHIT because of Unions in my opinion. My Father was a big union guy and He ended up getting fucked over by the Union. I'm not gonna go into any details but I'm NOT a fan of unions. At all.

    We have this lazy ass mail man that (obviously) takes his union smoke break in front of our house. Dude just sits in the truck for about 15 min. smoking cigs and reading people's magazines. I guess that's why magazines come in plastic wrappers now. I had a box of toner cartridges that Farmer Chele brought home from work... Trying to do the right thing and send them back for recycling instead of throwing them in the trash bin.... So I take the box out to the mail dude (Whilst he was puffin' on cigs... Reading someone else's mail...) And I tell him that I wanna send the box with him. Oh.... He takes a look at the size of the box (Which wasn't THAT big... But it was big enough.) And He tells me that I was going to hafta take it to the Post Office because of terrorism and 9/11 and people sending letter bombs and shit... I was gonna hafta have the box screened. I'll bet that the fuckin' Union mandated that bullshit. Anyways... That's my rant on unions and the USPS... They're going broke... GOOD. Fuck 'em. They only bring me bills anyway.