Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Facebookversary

As best that we can tell, two years ago tomorrow is the date that Farmer Ted and I actually started flirting on Facebook.   You can read about the gory details in this blog post, don't let the Wooly Aphids scare you...that was back when we actually blogged about gardening.

Ted and I went to high school together, and while we remember each other we have no memories of ever actually hanging out.  At first I suppose it was because we had gone to different middle schools.  Then, somewhere in his second sophomore year Ted got "asked to leave."  And in a pre-Facebook world, that was that.  What are the odds we would ever have met up with each other again?

But Facebook changed the odds, and here we are.  A couple.  Raising spawn, spoiling a dragon, sometimes we plant stuff and cook it.  Occasionally we go places to amuse ourselves, quite often that place is Facebook where we alternately amuse and alienate our friends.  We blog about it, mostly.

Anyway, I am truly blessed to have this wonderful man in my life.  Thank you Mark Zuckerberg.

Next...I wrote this today b/c it's my theory that the internet is going to spontaneously combust as millions of people who don't know what to do with themselves w/o Wikipedia for a day run amok.  Also, tomorrow is my youngest sister's bday.  Birthdays trump Facebookversaries, so it really should be all about her.  And, I still have to chastise the USPS.  Again.


  1. Happy Facebookversary to the Farmers! So happy that Facebook brought you together, and happy to call you our Freaky Internet Friends.


  2. I can live without Wikipedia. Reddit being down for a day though, that is gonna be tough!

    Happy Facebookversary? Annibookery? Anyway, Cheers to the Happy Couple! @}-}-----


  3. Happy Facebookversary! I'm honored to trump that!

  4. Happy Birthday to the youngest Sister! (Her new baby is cute as SHIT!)

    Yep! Who would have thought that We'd get together through Facebook? If you would have told me that this would happen... I would have called you crazy but... Here we are! I wish that I would have found my Beautiful Sweetheart years ago but I suppose that things have worked out exactly how they should. Flirting around with Chele was the best move that I ever could have made; I guess that it's true whenever you hear "Follow your instinct." I love you Sweetheart! I want to make you the happiest farmer in the world ;)

    So Wikipedia is shut down for the day... Fuck! Oh well... I'm gonna figure out some way to finish at least ONE of these many "Unfinished projects" that I have going on. (That should be a nice anniversary present!) Actually... It's gonna be more along the lines of a fucking miracle if I actually get something done but today's the day for it. Chopping some wood is high up on the list... My better half has been dropping hints so I guess that I'd better listen.