Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mystery Solved

Sort of.  Apparently Blogger hasn't been playing nice, and people can't comment.  They've been leaving them on my FB page.

Who knew?

Christopher Columbus was "himself an eyebrow threader..."  Bwahaaahaaaa

And, turn people into cows?  What horribly misguided B movies have you been watching Maintzie?

A new poll is up. Vote y'all.

Next...The Mystery of the Manjinder remains.


  1. I'm...Uh.... Pretty fuckin' lost.

  2. You have to read the FB comments. *sigh*

  3. Since the New facebook change... Our views have dropped like a stone... What the hell?

  4. My excuse is...I'm so annoyed with facebook, I haven't been on it nearly as much. I've been reading your blog, but not everyday...I play "catchup" once or twice a week. I just haven't been feeling vocal I guess?? Anna

  5. Yeah.... We're kinda over facebook too, Anna.