Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jim Thorpe, PA Revisited

We took our annual pilgrimage to see the fall foilage, and our favorite town did not disappoint.

We continue to wonder what they have against small ho's?


Bonus if you can name what theme park attraction this house inspired.

And then we found a man with a wiener on his head.

And another.

Very cool high school club that we thought were going to be just HP geeks, but it is an anti-bullying club.  Big thumbs up.

Mug of weed.

Who knew TX had their own romance novel genre?

Vintage granny panties for sale.

Dolls are creepy.  Especially these.

Because you know somebody did.

Another lovely day.  We did not find another gem like the Best Polyester Suit Ever, but had a great time.

Next...It appears we need a new poll.


  1. Ah... Jim Thorpe. Home of the ten dollar Bloody Mary. There's always some kinda crazy shit going on in that town. We took a look at this property that was for sale.... If I had an extra 180 Grand laying around... We would have bought it but it was pretty much a shit hole but it was HUGE.

    We went into the shop where we bought the "Best Polyester suit EVER" and the chick working there remembered the suit! I'm tellin' ya... That suit makes a fuckin' statement. Do you guys see that fuckin' doll of the dude feeding the baby? Who in their right fuckin' mind would buy that? I guess that I should have picked it up and gave it to one of the boys as a Christmas present. There was this one place that had a coffee mug that read..."Grandmother." (All in big ass letters.) That was another creepy ass gift that I should have picked up as a Christmas gift. Now Farmer Chele and I walk around and say "Grandmother" (All monotone like...)We think that it's funny as shit but I guess that you had to be there to get the full effect.

    "Grandmother....." What a stupid ass thing to put on a coffee mug.

    "Sorry I called you a cunt for taking my biscuit at Popeye's." Jesus Christ Ken.....

  2. It was more like "GRAND MOTHER" in all caps and fancy font with like pink roses. Ted says it best in his deep voice. Creepy dee. I never want to be Grandmother, or Grandma or Nanny. I'll have to dig up the picture.

    And I guess Ted is making sure our pal Ken is paying attention?

  3. Yay the blog is back! The foliage is BEAUTIFUL. Ted, you should get a weiner hat to go with your polyester suit. Michele nothing says sexy like granny panties, hope you picked up a pair or 2.