Monday, October 24, 2011

A Mighty Wind

No, this isn't another blog post about the magical fruit.  Despite what you might think, Ted and I can act somewhat mature when we don't even have to.

On our latest trip to stalk Mark Walberg of the Antiques Roadshow, we happened upon a wind farm. And we just had to drive up the side of a hill, possibly trespassing, for pictures.  I love the idea of solar energy, and quite frankly have no clue why people who live on the coast would think something like this on the horizon off of the coastline would ruin their view.

Would you rather look at this?

Or, if you are in the mountains would you rather see this...

Seriously?  I know in a perfect world, you want to see no evidence of a post-Industrial Revolution Society.  These idealistic scenes are becoming too far and in between, and unless you are Ted Turner and can buy your own island then you are going to have to deal.  I'd pick the wind turbines over the nuclear power plants or high tension wires personally.  They aren't ugly domino-like monoliths, nor are they towers of concrete spewing smoke.  They are actually quite graceful, moving with a silent peace and being productive.  All the while, they don't detract somehow from the landscape.  They add a sense of awe that something so quiet and fluid can save other environments without totally fucking up the environment they occupy.

Next...Back to reality.  We totally need a new remote controlled fart machine.  The last one bit the dust.