Sunday, October 23, 2011

It has come to this.

I have on a pair of Ted's Toddler Pants.  (Click the link if you have no idea what in the hell I'm talking about.)

Why, you ask?  I'll tell you why.  I think I may have accidentally donated a bag of my winter clothes including yoga pants, hoodies, sweaters and my favorite pink fleece pj bottoms with reindeer all over them to the Salvation Army.  I am down one pair of yoga pants and one hoodie to lounge in when it is cold.  And those desperately needed washing tonight.

I am not wearing a Rocky sweatshirt, although I am wearing one of Ted's sweaters.

Next...Depends on whether or not I can locate some pics we took on our way home from the Antiques Roadshow, where we saw the Desert Storm Batmobile and stalked Abraham Lincoln.  Again.


  1. You have to go shopping now. That's tragic.

    o noez


  2. Going shopping with Farmer Chell is a snap! The woman doesn't fuck around with the browsing part of shopping... It's just straight out, "I like it...I'm buying it." Done deal. In and out.

    I put all of the fencing from the two gardens into the garage and now... There's ZERO room to move around. I'm gonna hafta come up with "Plan B" for storing all of that shit because the way that I have it now? (Isn't cuttin' it.)

    So who here has seen a windmill farm? Not me.... Those things are A LOT fuckin' bigger when you see them up close. I hope that we can find the pictures... We're having some Mac Book Pro issues at the moment. So what's new... We have another Apple product that has proven to be half assed. The youngest spawn's phone went through the wash.... So that's dead... All in all... It's been a rough week for electronics around here. About 6 months ago, I dropped my phone the kitchen phone and it fucking exploded into a zillion pieces so I never bothered to have it fixed; I'll just use the good 'ol home phone if I need to make a call....Now THAT'S fuckin' up too. Oh well.... I guess that I'll start sending some smoke signal or something.

  3. No one could make Toddler Pants look as hot as you do,'Chele. Well, except for Farmer Ted. I bet he rocks them, too. ;)