Thursday, September 15, 2011

Toddler Pants

The temperature dropped about 30 degrees this afternoon, and it is downright chilly up here.  Ted had to break out the toddler pants.  What are toddler pants?  I'm so glad you asked...

These are Toddler Pants.

Confused?  So was I when I first saw Ted in his.  I peed myself laughing, and when he asked me WHAT?  I said, the last time I saw sweatpants like that was when my kids were toddlers.  And so, the name Toddler Pants was born.  He likes to wear them with his...
Rocky sweatshirt.
When he broke out this gem, I asked him if he felt the urge to go box a carcass in a meat freezer.  I totally see a trip to the Phila Art Museum in our near future.


  1. Donnie has a set like that too - but his is Navy Blue ;=) [Jody]

  2. Go ahead... Laugh it up! Hardy Har Har! There's nothing like a good 'ol pair of sweats. No shit man... The temperature here dropped like a stone; We were inside all day yesterday so we really hadn't noticed the change. I figured that it was coming because the sycamore tree is starting to shed it's leaves (All over the back deck) and that's a sign of things to come. I'm thinking that two or three more harvests from the gardens and then it's Goodnight Irene for 'em. I'm excited to start mapping out the new one. It's gonna be the last one that we'll have to do becase this one is gonna be the real deal! We'll post up some plans and pictures. Farmer Chele designed it herself and it's going to look GREAT (And really fuckin' expensive) but ya know... You get what you pay for and the way that I look at it.... We saved more than a couple bucks on produce this year. We have a super bad ass old school grocery scale and if I would have thought about it.... I should have weighed everything and then come up with a tally. (Next year.)

  3. Toddler pants...lmao! I am totally stealing that name; it's pretty awesome!

    Ted, don't feel bad. Mark has, not only the toddler pants, but many, many Rocky sweatshirts. I think his closet grew full of them when we lived up in the mountains of NY; it was freeeeeezing up there!

    Since I doubt that I'll get a veggie garden of my own planned out, I can't wait to see yours! Perhaps it will inspire me to work even harder to get everything cleaned up out there in the 'Back 40'. Too many years of Mom's Freaky Blood Disorder and stupid cancers meant that we did the work when we could. I am thrilled that I even got the front shrubs pruned more than once this summer...haha!

  4. Ted, Honestly don't feel bad. Brad pretty much only wears sweats year round when not working and if not sweats it is usually grey sweatpant like shorts. He probably has 20 pairs and half of them look like crap with holes in unspeakable places and paint splatterings, etc. He says they are comfortable and I'm sure they are but I HATE going out in public when he chooses to wear the crappy looking ones! And when he does wear normal clothes our friends comment that he does have normal clothes and not just sweats. So, Michelle I feel your pain, but Ted I understand why. Rainie