Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rufus vs. the Spider

After being momentarily startled, the Dragon decided that Fluffy was no big threat...

We aren't so easily convinced.
Next...Enough with the fookin' rain already.  The lair is flooding.  Again.  Farmer Ted isn't pleased.


  1. So now we have a new addition to the family... Fluffy.

    Rufus was tearing down on some roast whenever we decided to make the introductions and as you can see... The Dragon is pretty fuckin' serious about his roast.

    So as it tuns out... Fluffy can play cards... SMOKE.... and shoot whiskey! I'm pretty sure that He'll fit right in with the scheme of things around here. Whenever I put Fluffy on the Dragon's Back.... It was like an eight armed massage for 'ol Rufus.... He was like..."What the fuck, Man...?!" "Let's talk some more about that Roast!"

    So after a few hands of cards and a couple shots... We found out that Fluffy took advanced keyboarding while he was doing a gig at the High School so that explains where he came from...(The eldest spawn's soccer bag) But He's here... and Rufus likes him well enough.... So we told him that he can stay. Besides... seeing as how he knows how to type with eight fuckin' legs.... He's gonna take some of this "Garden Blog" burden off of Me and Farmer Chele.... Yeah.... Fluffy's gonna do the blog here and there.

    So you guys may think that we're bull shittin' around... But we're gonna get his first blog post on video and then we'll take a new poll....(Does Fluffy get to stay?....Or does Fluffy get his creepy little ass stomped.) Stick around.... This ought to get good.

  2. OMG...that video? Hilarious! The Spawnette made me play it twice, even! The Dragon's nonchalance at the whole thing? Priceless.

    I think Fluffy should stay. 'Nuff said.