Sunday, September 25, 2011


Is what was going on in the GrowDammit kitchens today.  And it was made mostly w/ roasted tomatoes from our final harvest.  Sweet!

Otherwise it was a pretty boring weekend here.  Today was clean out the closets, bag up old clothes for the Goodwill, decide what kind of clothes the eldest spawn will be needing to survive the winter Day.  And if anyone has seen a bin of my stuff containing mostly yoga pants and sweatshirts and my favorite fleece pajama bottoms that are pink and covered in cute reindeer wearing pajamas that I don't wear out in public while running errands, please let me know.

The Dragon was a source of amusement for us today.

Rufus vs. the Ping Pong Ball...the eldest spawn was showing us his juggling skills in the kitchen when a ping pong ball went a little too high, hit the ceiling fan and rocketed toward the floor.  *Thwack*  It hit the poor dog square on his noggin.  He looked at us like "What?   What did I do?"  The spawn promptly made amends with some good quality belly scratching time.

Rufus vs. the Sofa...whenever someone is sitting on the sofa, the Dragon loves to hop up on the cushions behind your head and sit there.  Today, in mid-hop he got stuck.  Limbs were flailing.  I wish we had video.  Poor dog.  Instead of helping him up, we all sat around and laughed.  Relax.  He made it up on his own after a few lunges.  And the eldest spawn promptly made amends with a belly rub.  Farmer Ted may have given him some extra steak with his supper.

Next...Where in the hell did the weekend go?


  1. Rufus Dragon.... What more can I say? That dog certainly has personality. It was funny as shit to watch him while he was stuck because he's so long (and fat.) It reminded me of a snake striking at it's prey.... But he couldn't pull it off. Picture it. "I'm just gonna jump up here on the couch....Shit... I'm stuck." "I'm just gonna JUMP up here on the...shit...I'm stuck..." I'm just gonna juuuump up..shit... I'm stuck...." "So I'll just ju...shit... I'm stuck." Pretty funny. Yeah.... I gave him some extra steak for his troubles.... Steak and bolognese. (He was all about it.)

    Goodwill is gonna have a field day with all of this stuff that we have for them; Everything's top quality and the stuff that WE wouldn't BUY? We threw out; things like.... a shirt with a spot on it...or an "Extra" faded pair of jeans.

    Well.... It's that time of year again.... Stinkbug season. Great.

  2. Oh, Rufus...lmao! We would have sat there giggling right along with you. Then we would have scratched his belly, too.

    Where is the recipe for the bolognese? Hmmmmm? I'm waiting...