Monday, September 12, 2011

The Great Tomato Harvest of 2011

After the monsoon season finally decided it was over, the tomato season followed suit.  We've had a lot of green tomatoes, but they weren't ripening on the vines and the vines were turning yellow and starting to die so we pulled them all.

This would be a shitton of tomatoes.

I see a lot of fried green tomatoes in our future.

Or, more pickled tomatoes and chow-chow.
The garden still has peppers, tomatillos, okra and gourds.  And weeds.

In other GrowDammit news, the explosion at the nuclear plant in France didn't result in a nuclear leak.  This means the Wannabes can still plan to move there.

Next...The Herb Smackdown bracket starts a new round tomorrow.  And, we shot Bambi.


  1. My tomatoes just failed as did mot everyones' down here in Dixie. Hot peppers? I've got mountains.

  2. Our peppers did jack shit... (All of the tomatoes grabbed up all of the light.) We don't hafta worry about that shit now because we yanked up every last tomato plant that we had. Hopefully the peppers will make a last "hurrah" before I snatch up the last of those... then the fence and then start staking out next year's garden.

    I love the word "Snatch..." It's just such a sleazy word. I worked at a place down in Charleston that had a GREAT view of the marsh; It was my job to help with the marketing so we set out finding the perfect picture to represent out restaurant... So we chose a picture of this "Older lady" that was swinging in an old school wooden swing... Breeze blowin' the brim of her hat up... The front of her dress was all flowing back.... and then it came to me..... Perfect!

    We had the picture put all in the City Paper (With the old lady... With her dress flappin' up) "Come SNATCH a glimpse of our view." From then on out.... Our ads sorta became a cult classic around the city scene of Charleston. (It was Vickery's.... In case you're wondering.)

    So I guess that the South of France is out....Back to the drawing board.

  3. I've got two serrano pepper plants on my lanai that have quite a few peppers on them. Apparently, they like this Florida weather.