Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011

Ten years ago today my heart…

  …stopped because while I had one child safe at home, one was at school and might not have been.

  …shattered for the loss of humanity when buildings toppled and planes fell from the sky, while I could only watch sobbing in horror.

  …hardened for obvious reasons.

  …soared as stories of our nation’s heroes unfurled in NYC, DC and a plane crash site in PA.

  ...grieved for the victims and their families.

  …swelled with pride as we showed an entire damn planet that the spirit of the United States of America will NOT be defeated by cowards and bullies.

  …beat stronger with the determination to prove that We the People are By God We the People.

Every year, it all still comes around full circle.

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  1. I first heard about it on the radio. I was lying in bed just halfway awake and to be quite honest... I thought that it was like some kinda War of the Worlds type shit; It was fake... a joke. It was almost like... I KNEW that it was real but I didn't want it to be real. I walked downstairs and my Sister was there watching it on the television, We didn't speak... There were no tears... She was in shock and I was empty. The two statements from that day that have stuck with me for the past ten years have been "58,000 people work in those buildings" and hearing that "People are jumping out of windows." One by one... They fell.

    I recently heard the story of a little girl who had the opportunity to accompany her 4th grade teacher to go and swim with Dolphins and represent her school out in California somewhere; I'm sure what was to be one of this little girl's greatest moments... instead ended forever in a field in Pennsylvania. 4th Grade...

    I'll tell ya what September 11th has done for me... I now know that Man is truly evil in his heart.