Monday, September 26, 2011

Ted's Looking At America

Through John Cougar Mellencamp's Hair no less.  Bwahaahaahaa.  He is seriously rockin' the bangs.  Time for a haircut.  SNL was the best, now not so much.

 Bolognese Sauce as requested by Mare

I follow the Goddess of Italian cooking's recipe, except I mix up the meat and use a beef/pork/veal mix.  I also put the meat in a food processor and pulse it with a couple of slices of fresh white bread and some milk.  This supposedly coats the proteins in the meat, so when you cook it it doesn't get that chewy, stringy texture.  Whether it is a wive's tale or not, the meat in this sauce is melt in your mouth tender and doesn't have that elastic quality.  It's the spawn's favorite.  They turn their noses up at other sauce.

Next...I'm looking for pictures of bondage barbie, and whatever the hell else we hung from the rear view mirror of my car when I was in high school.


  1. It's true... I do indeed need a haircut. I let Farmer Chele cut it and she does a pretty good job; For me to PAY someone to cut my hair? Forget it. Anyone that knows me can tell you that I wouldn't give a SHIT about how my hair looks. Once upon a time.... I was all about having the right "Look" the right clothes.... The right CAR.... All of that shit; Nowadays? I could care less. I've either given away or abandoned 90% of my material possessions. The shit is just STUFF... I just want to be sure that everyone else around me is taken care of...As far as ME? Fuck it... I'm alive... You can't really ask for more than that.

    But yeah..... The John Cougar hair thing cracked me up.... We we're talking about it earlier and that SNL skit popped into my mind so naturally.... Farmer Chele and I had to have a good laugh over it before she decided that it was blog worthy. (As you already know... She's the brains behind this operation.) I just like to sit back and comment, She chooses the subject material and I take the ball and run with it.

    Eldest spawn had to write a paper yesterday on "How iron effected the Govt. in ancient Greece." About the only thing that I can say about this is... (Yawn.) "Who gives a rat's ass?" Obviously... It didn't do all that much because now Greece is akin to some ass backwards third world country! (That's broke as shit.) I'm sure that didn't make his paper but it's still a pretty strong "Observation" in my book.

  2. That video was totally blog! Mark and I loved SNL back in the day, but somehow, I missed that skit. It made my morning!

    You know what would be super funny? Video your 'swanky' town through Ted's hair. Ted's comments necessary, of course. ;)

    Thank you for the recipe! The meat-a-tarian Spawnette will love it, for sure.