Friday, September 2, 2011

Rubbing my hands with evil glee.

Shortly after this morning's blog post.  This showed up in my email...

I decided a little Twitter stalking (Twalking)?  Might prove to be entertaining...

A friend of mine who works at Verizon, but not in Support, showed up to taunt me.

More taunts.

I got home, and everything was right again in the GrowDammit household.  I guess @VerizonSupport got tired of being harassed.  I probably should go and Tweet my thanks.  I am still a little miffed that the Job Site Supervisor never called, but it's probably for the best that he didn't.  I can be an asshole when I'm mad.

Next...Tomatillas, a new poll and I found my lost glasses.  Oh, and another field trip to the Home Depot.  My washing machine disintegrated last night.


  1. Farmer Chele's glasses were tangled all up in a thong in the "Unmentionables" drawer!

    We get a little freaky when the power's out....

    Verizon.... Man... You wanna talk about a "Dog and Pony show." I guess that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.... Chele was on the phone with those clowns on a regular basis just having her way with 'em. It was pretty funny to listen to; It wasn't like a "Stick and move" bitch session... It was actually some demeaning shit.

    She kept 'em on their toes. My poor neighbor would hang around on the line for about a good half hour.... (Just to be hung up on....) Not us...

  2. Shopping for a new washer... Man... When it rains it fuckin' pours. Oh well. Maybe our lives can get back to normal after all of this nonsense; Last month was a pretty wild ride and this month isn't shaping up to be much better. Lemme give you guys a garden update...

    ***Garden Update***

    The Gardens look like a jungle! In the beginning... I made the rows too close together and now that everything's grown huge... The rows have kinda grown together. (Major screw up on my my part.) I dunno what the heck I was thinking when I started out but we've already made plans for next season. The weather has been cooling off so I think that within the next few weeks, We'll lay out the new (1)GARDEN....(Not 2) and start tilling that shit up. It's gonna be nice. This year was pretty productive... I have no complaints but NEXT year.... You just wait. We've already laid out the plans and they've been hanging on the fridge for the past few months. Maybe we'll post up the layout. I was gonna do it a couple months ago but to be quite honest? (I forgot.) So maybe this weekend.

    I'm glad to be back online.... I guess that it's true when they say, "You don't know what you've got, till it's gone..."