Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jim Thorpe, PA

Farmer Ted's favorite season is Fall.  Last year, when he came up in September for his "three week visit" one of our must-do's was a day trip to the mountains to see the Fall foilage.  For some reason, Jim Thorpe (formerly Mauch Chunk) was stuck in my head as a place to go for this.  What a good choice!

Not only was the drive up spectacular, but once you get to town they treat you to a...

And just in case one of you blog peeps decide to crank call me,

I can say, "Why yes, yes I do."
Take THAT pranksters.

AND, we found...

The Best Polyester Suit.  Ever.  It said so, right on the tag.  Who are we to argue?
And so, now Fall is upon us once again.  And we are planning another day trip to Jim Thorpe.  We hope it will be just as Awesome.


  1. We've driven past Jim Thorpe, but never made it into the town before we moved to Georgia. Can't wait to see your photos of fall foliage; bet they'll be better than the rain that's outside your window tonight!'s the new washer? ;)

  2. Yep.... It's been a year since I told my Buddy on Folly Beach..."Hey Man... Do me a favor and feed the cats while I'm gone." "I'll be back in three weeks." It's like I ended up on Micheleigan's Island. The cat's have been well taken care of... Don't worry. I'm fairly certain that they're not my cats anymore but ya know??? Oh well.

    How time flies.... What's even crazier is that it's going on TWO years since my friend and I picked her up at the airport for her first visit! I'll cut to the chase.... On the way back to the house.... My friend had to stop by Wal- Mart to pick up some things....So she goes in.... (Leaves me and Chele to watch the dog) and seeing as how it was a "Let's catch up" type of moment... We start making out. Lmao! We LOVE Wal-Mart now! (Although we never shop there.) We'd rather spend our money with the "Mom and Pop" type of stores.... Except for Home Depot; Which... Who by the way... Had our super bad ass new washer delivered today.

    I'm a pretty big fan of this new washing machine. I figured that we were gonna get flooded out today but Thanks to God.... We didn't even see a drop of water in the lair! (Whew.)

    Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania... Right up in the heart of the Poconos. I LOVE THAT TOWN! Now that we know how to use the super Bad Nikon.... We'll take some pics and post them up. Whether or not you'll get to see them??? I can't tell ya. We have about a million pictures floating around on the good 'ol Mac Book Pro. Chele just posts up whatever she deems exciting or witty for the blog but we have a SHIT TON of pictures on the thing. I'm here all day and so is the Mac Book.... But I'm too lazy to figure the thing out. I'll take a PC over a Mac any day. The word on the streets is that a Mac will totally DOG OUT a PC but I prefer to sticking with what I know. People see that we have a Mac Book Pro and they're like.... "Whoa..... That's a serious Computer!" As a resolution.... I'm gonna start using the thing to see what it's all about.

    I haven't said it for a while but..."My woman's hot as SHIT!" I came up for a couple of weeks and I've never left. I'm going on the record now and saying... "I'm coming out of retirement."

    Me and farmer Chele are gonna bankroll a SHIT TON of cash and plan on riding off into the sunset here in a couple of years. When I was just by myself... I was content with what I had and was just content to "Eeeek by" because it was just me.... A year has gone by and it's changed my look on things have changed. I'm not being big headed or anything but in my field? (I'm the shit.) I sorta miss being on T.V.... Miss being on magazine covers.... Miss being "Known" by complete strangers... I owe it to Farmer Chele and I owe it to the kids. (The Spawnette grew up with it, so it was just "comme çi, comme ça" for her... But as far as the boys go... They haven't really seen me in action. Now why I'm pouring out my soul here on the blog? (Fuck if I know.) I guess that I'm just typing it down for now so that I can look back on it tomorrow and hold myself accountable and be a Man of my word. Besides... Sitting around the house all day gets pretty fucking boring. Okay... There... I've said it.

    You guys have a good one.... I'm outta here.

  3. I know I've commented already, but I must add three things...

    Yes, your woman is hott.


    I will never look at a Wal-Mart parking lot the same way again.


    Go, Farmer Ted! I can't tell you exactly why, but reading about your desire to come out of retirement has made my night. I guess it's all about the pleasure of getting to do what you love to do. That's pretty awesome in my book!

  4. Thanks Mare! To be honest? (It's all about bankrollin' the fuckin' cash...) Being rich is better than being fuckin' poor.

  5. When we are rich and famous, we'll be doing a Walmart parking lot tour.