Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Twilight Zone

We found it today.  Right here in Pennsylvania.  We woke up this morning to yet another rainy, overcast dreary day.  I don't think we've had a nice weekend up here since July, and it put me in a bad mood.  The only way to cure that is Road Trip.  Where to go?  Where to go?

My first thought was the beach.  Let's try Cape May, NJ.  What do you know?  They are having shitty weather there too.  Same for St. Michaels, MD and Jim Thorpe, PA, two places we really want to visit again.  I remembered hearing a blurb on the news Friday morning about a Garlic Festival in Easton, PA.  A  quick look at their weather revealed that the afternoon was supposed to clear up and only be partly cloudy, so we hopped in the car and headed out to see what we could see about some garlic.

We set Sybil for no tolls, and she did us right today.  We started to get nervous as we neared our destination, and it was pouring down rain.  It all worked out for us once we actually got to Easton.  Weatherwise that is.  We parked, and tried to find the festival.  There was no signage, so we walked toward the river as the festival was at the Riverfront Park.  We turned around when we got to the river and all we found was some

 Turns out, we were at the wrong river.  Easton, you see, is situated at the fork of the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers.  We finally got to the festival, and started to remark to each other what a weird town Easton is.  Weird weird, not good weird.  The Garlic Festival was small, and that's okay, but very few booths actually had to do anything with garlic?  Apparently, the fact that garlic repels vampires is a myth because most everyone there looked like a vampire.  We hotfooted it out of the festival area and walked back to the city center to see if there were any interesting little shops and whatnot.

And Easton just got weird weirder.  Maybe it's just us, but I'm not sure what it says about a town when the historic district and center of town has a Pawn Shop and Check Cashing place as a storefront.  Not one to be judgmental, we let other things convince us we had indeed landed in the twilight zone.  In addition to at least 15 salons, spas and nail places we found...

This kind of signage must not be good for business because the business was out of business.

A statue commemorating...


Not a vintage shop...

...even though the decor transports you back to the 50's.

Ted can't help himself.

What the?  What is eyebrow threading?!?

And who or what is Manjinder?
When we got home tonight, we looked up the history of Easton and found out they also do weird things like covering up a statue of a civil war soldier every Christmas with this.

To each his own, I guess.  Maybe we only found the whole thing weird weird because of the crappy weather, and we still have no idea what the Christopher Columbus connection is.

Next...It's supposed to rain again tomorrow.  Sigh.  We decided the poll tiebreaker tonight.  The winner will be announced tomorrow.  We know y'all are on the edges of your seats.

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  1. Farmer Chele said it best...."What a weird fuckin' town; It was like...Set back in time or something. We stopped and picked up some beer before we got there and was talking to the Dude at the beer store... Told him that we were going to the Garlic Festival.... He was like, "Well THAT ought to be FUN..." (All straight faced.)

    So were at an antiques shop and the shop keeper (old lady) is talking on the phone to someone about this real estate agent in town who is a "Bitch on wheels." I don't think there was any love loss there. I kinda got the notion that they were both bitches. It's kinda funny hearing some blue haired granny calling someone a bitch.

    So what the fuck is "Eyebrow Threading?" No clue. What a strange town. (We won't be going back anytime soon.) Ya can't win 'em all...