Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dear Steve Jobs,

I hope that you didn't resign over my last Facebook rant about every Apple product I buy being a piece of shit.  Yes, I was pissed because my 3G phone never did work properly.  I'm getting over the fact that the 3GS, while not the "best thing that's ever happened to me" like the Salesman promised, does get better cell phone coverage.  I am disgruntled that I had to downgrade in memory to not pay an arm and a leg.  The Macbook issues are more than likely not your fault.  I'll admit that I haven't really taken the time to learn how to work the damn thing.  I still don't find it very user friendly, but maybe in time that will change.  Quitting over all of this is a bit rash don't you think?

Sheepish Regards,
a Wannabe Farmer


  1. You guys sure do whine alot.
    Put some mercurcachrome on that skint knee and get back in the sandbox

  2. I know who you are.... "Anonymous"... If that's your real name. (Why don't you call ya Boy back, once in a while! We need to have a chitty chat about making some food... (And money!)

    My theory on the whole "Steve Jobs thing" is that when Michele sent the letter basically telling the Apple Guru to "Get Fucked," He thought that it was a pretty good idea... TRIED IT... TMZ got wind of it... Snapped some pictures and now.... Here we are. He decided to abruptly retire as opposed to having his nudie pics all out there on the web.... Either that or he was feelin' the shame of her scathing comments about Apple products. (Just a theory.)

  3. Hey Anonymous, I'm just reaching out to the poor guy. The man is so despondent over my angst, he quit his fucking multi-gazillion dollar job. I feel the need to reach out.

  4. It's a tender moment here at the Farm.