Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm All Shook Up

I just realized we (I) drank the last bottle of Spicy Blenheim's Ginger Ale from the case we brought home with us from Charleston.

This is all that is left.
At least we won't be running out of Duke's...

We originally questioned our decision to bring home an entire gallon.

Oh, and for all of our blog followers around the globe...the East Coast of the United States had an earthquake today.  This is a novelty for us.  Those West Coast sinners usually are the people who are warned to walk the straight and narrow by the powers that be.  They actually scoffed at our pitiful 5.9 magnitude.

Whatever.  It's pretty freaky for those of us who have never experienced tectonic plate movement.  I was sitting at work doing some research, and it was right after lunch so I had something of a food coma going on.  My eyes were heavy.  All of the sudden the screen started to move.  My first thought (since I've never actually fainted) was, "Is this what it's like to black out?"  And then I looked up, and realized the building was moving.  I jumped out of my chair and yelled, "Holy Shit are we having an earthquake?"  My boss yelled back, "Thank God.  I was waiting for you to react before I convinced myself I wasn't hallucinating."

It was CRAZY.  I don't know how you West Coast people deal with the wrath of God so often.  Freaky.  Now to add insult to injury, Hurricane Irene is bearing down on the Eastern Seaboard.  Let's hope that isn't a clusterfuck.  I hope the Holy City went to church last Sunday, as this one is headed right for Chucktown.

No worries here...the GrowDammit garden is okay.  The Jag however is not.  Go figure, the Day I turn in my leased car...the car I planned on driving crapped out.

Farmer Ted has his mechanic hat on.  If he can't fix it by tomorrow, then the Wannabe's wish for a used pickup truck may be granted sooner than later.

Next...I'm hesitant to want for more excitement.

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  1. I swear... I'm down to ONE FUCKIN' BOLT... And it won't budge. I even had the neighbor come over and give it a shot... Nothin'. I'll try some more today.

    So our friends in Charleston have skated by another Hurricane! That's some good news, The BAD news is... Now it's fuckin' heading for us! Earthquake yesterday... Hurricane this weekend... What the Hell, Man.

    So we're out of the good Ginger Ale. THAT is probably the worst news that I've had all day. Oh well... I'm surprised that they lasted as long as they did; If you can GET Blenheim's? Get it. If you've never had it before? (Look out!) When they say "Spicy" they mean THAT shit. I like to watch someone try it for the first time... Sometimes I'll be a dick and not warn them... Heh Heh.

    Wish me luck on this fuckin' car today... A new farm truck isn't really in the budget nut then again... When is ANYTHING ever in the budget.