Monday, August 1, 2011

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Farmer Ted busted the tomato muncher this morning.

Who would've guessed something the size of that could squeeze itself through a 2"x2" fence hole?  At least we know what we are up against now, after spending the better part of the past week or so searching for tomato hornworms.  I was beginning to think we were being led on a snipe hunt.

It's also pretty clear that we are not going to win the War of the Brussel Sprouts.

Yes, we've weeded since we took this pic.
So, now Ted has to figure out how to keep the little demons out of the gardens.  The nasty deer and rabbit "repellant" concoction he sprayed around the perimeter didn't work.  I'm not quite sure how they are immune to it.  As Ted so eloquently described it, "That shit smells like hookers on pay day."  I'll just say it made me throw up in my mouth.

Next...Chives beat Sage, so I guess that means a new poll should go up tonight.  Come back later and vote.


  1. I don't know whether to be happy or sad, that it isn't hornworms. I haven't experienced rabbits, but have been traumatized by the hornworms.

  2. I thought curry was a mixture of seasonings. Had no idea it's an herb!

    Still, I love me some cilantro.

  3. Stupid ass rabbit!I watched it slip right on through the fence and when I walked up on it... It slipped right on out... and then stops... and eyes me down... and just sits there, so I sprayed his ass with the ant spray that I had in my hand; No one get worked up... I missed him by a mile but he got the message. Little fucker. Here we were tearing our hair out trying to figure out what in the hell was eating everything.

    Hi Pam! I dunno who ya are but "Hi!"

    So Gabby Giffords made it back to the floor of Congress! It has NOTHING to do with anything about gardening but you talk about someone who has a genuine "Will" to survive and get back to a normal kinda life. I can only hope that our brussel sprouts can muster up that sort of "Will" to survive but sadly.... I think that they're fuckin' dead; Well.... Not dead but... I just don't see us getting a yield out of them.

    I voted for the curry. I was the chef at a Cuban place and we used so much Cilantro....(For me) It has one of those smells that stick with you, I LIKE Cilantro but the curry wins out.

    Rufus VS. The Yellow jacket... So I let Rufus Dragon out of the garage and go back into the lair. (The garage is also part of my lair....I've just taken over the whole bottom level of the house) Anyways... So I let the dog out and he decides that he's gonna start fuckin' around with a bee. You can guess what happens next... POW! The bee lit his ass up... Actually... His nose. The dog starts RAISING HELL barking at the thing and would NOT SHUT UP! So I guess that he swatted it to the ground and he's all raising hell so I decided to put an end to it and squashed the bee thinking that would shut him up. It didn't shut him up. This shit kept on for about 10 Min. That dog cracks me up.

  4. Leaves from a curry plant can be used as an aromatic, like a bay leaf. You can cook with it, but take it out before serving. To bite into it is bitter. It has nothing to do with the mix of seasonings that are curry powder.

    As for the poll, we're easy here. Vote for either curry if you are inclined, or cilantro if you are not.

  5. I just want to know what y'all are going to do about the rabbit! Alys Anne

  6. Seeing as how we're next door to the wildlife preserve, You can't (I'm gonna shoot that motherfucker) do anything to harm the wildlife around here. My Buddy told me about the human hair....Theory; So when we asked around? (That shit doesn't work.) It may down South...But the next door neighbor tried it up here and said that the deer saw that shit.... And started busting out hair dryers and gel and shit... It didn't work for up here. Farmer Chele's Mom ties a white sock around the plant and THAT works....At least for her.