Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hummingbird Wars

We've had daily sightings of a hummingbird at the perennial garden, which is really cool.  However, I've read accounts where blog friends have witnessed hummingbird fights between males competing for territory.  In an effort to encourage a Hummingbird UFC at our house, we bought a cute little hummingbird feeder.  The only fighting over it that has ensued thus far has been the Wannabes vs. the Sugar Ants.

We won that battle.   The battle over the figs is still underway.

Where are the hordes of hummingbirds?  Driving back and forth to work, I've noticed quite a few new feeders cropping up in the yards of our neighbors.  Clearly we need to find a niche that will entice the hummers to visit the GrowDammit feeder.

Sitting out on the back deck one night, we discussed options.  Sugar water is only appealing until the ants show up.  What if we mix it up and add a little Red Bull?  Vodka?  The Hummingbird Martini possibilities are endless.  Do you really want to see a hummingbird hopped up on caffiene?  Can a drunk hummingbird hover?  What will it do to the ants?  Have we accidently discovered a weapon to win the war for the fig tree?

Relax PETA, we're not lighting up Thumper's ass with a paintball gun and we're not conducting experiments on our feathered friends.  These are just conversations on the back deck.  So far.

Next...Blog Road Trip to Pittsburgh. Will Farmer Ted ever pass this kidney stone?  He's seriously in pain. :(


  1. First of all, sending a gentle hug for Farmer Ted. Well, if that's okay with him. I'm a hugger, ya know!

    I should really find the time to post them, but I have photos of the Hummers fighting over our feeder. They are nuts, and I have often seen the males chasing the females away. Maybe if I offered Martinis instead of Sugar Water, dimmed the lights, and played some smooth jazz, it would set the scene for some serious hooking up.

  2. Mare, LOL!! No hummingbird hookups! That's definitely NSFR!

    Michele, I hope Farmer Ted's stone passes soon. Meg came home from work early a couple of weeks ago and looked like death warmed over. When she told me the symptoms, it sounded just like my kidney stone. She took some hydrocodone and before the end of the day the stone passed. We had a strainer on hand from a previous stone attack, so she just decided to strain and caught it.

  3. @ Christa...Caught it? In a strainer? What the What? I've never had stones, so I have no idea. Good Lord.

    @ Mare...we've had butterfly porn, so why not? This blog is an anything goes kindof place.

  4. Tell him to suck it up and shoot that stone already. When he's done that...and whining.
    Tell him to put duct tape sticky side out to control the antz.

  5. Now the tape thing is a GREAT idea! I have just the tape for the job too... We bought some of this fuckin' "Super Tape" from 3M that I've been using in the lair...Optimus Prime can't even rip that shit off! I'm doing it!

    Thanks for all the hugs and shit about this fuckin' kidney stone. I'm gonna pass on catching it with a strainer; I've seen people keep them before and then show them off. It's like showing off a medal for being wounded or something. I've actually been taking it like a champ... I'm not one to whine about shit but lemme tell ya... This shit's for the birds.

    Mare.... You're cracking me up with the slow jazz. We could put up a little birdhouse and charge by the hour... We'd probably make a few bucks outta the deal with all of the "Sweet Lovin'" that we have going on over here.

    Well the lair is almost complete! Just a few finishing touches and we'll be ready to snap some pics and show you guys what's up... I spend the better part of all day down here... The spawns are kinda diggin' to too... Gone are the days of the basement being the place where only the brave and spiders hang out.

    ROAD TRIP! I'm especially jacked up about going to the Andy Warhol museum; He was my favorite. What a freak... But that's how I like it!

  6. What the what?? Your going to the Andy Warhol Museum?? Jealous! I hope your kidney stone passes fun at ALL!! ;( -Anna

  7. What the What. Our friend Aretha from Wando revived that one on Facebook. Makes me laugh every time. Andy Warhol Museum, Antiques Roadshow AND if we can manage it Fallingwater. Not too shabby for a couple of former beach bums.

  8. Frank Lloyd Wright.... Yet another favorite of mine.

  9. Yep, a strainer! The urologist gave it to me when I had my stone. Let's just say that I passed one in WDW, didn't have a strainer, but still took it home for analysis. LOL My brother had one that was caused from soy, so I wanted to have mine analyzed, too. We couldn't let him have all the fun! It was just a normal calcium stone. Bummer! I wanted something exotic like chocolate or coffee! Ha!

    Hope it passes soon and you're feeling better Farmer Ted! They said beer helps!