Saturday, August 27, 2011


or a failure to check the weather forecast.

I think I'd at least bring the sound system in.

Stay tuned.  This is only the first in a series of GrowDammit Hurricane Chronicles.


  1. A fine example of a Baptist's hurricane party! According to the sign... It's gonna be a Jamboree!

    Yeah right... We're gonna hafta drive by tomorrow and take pictures of the Tent.... It'll probably be all over Chester County. I'm pretty sure that won't be enough to stop the Baptists though.... They'll be out there all dancing around with snakes and shit! When I was a kid.. We went to a Baptist Church... I'm pretty sure that the only reason why we went there was because it was close to the house AND it was the place to be "Seen." Everyone showed out just to see what the other one was wearing or what they were driving. My Mother always preferred the "Finer things in life" so we were always in that group as being the "One's to watch..." All in the name of God." I remember CLEARLY as a kid... When the service was over... The Pastor would go towards the exit and say "Bye" to the people and shake hands and all of that shit. So it was this one elder in the Church who came up to shake the Pastor's hand and he was all like.. "Hello...How are you this afternoon?" the older woman started to tell him that she needed some prayers for her sister who was dying from "Whatever..." (I don't really remember the details but what I DO remember was his response. Here's the scenario. She shakes his hand... "How are you this afternoon?" (Her) "I'm not doing so well... My Sister has been diagnosed with (So and So) (Him) "Good, Good... I'm Happy to hear it!" I was like... (!)

    That's been probably the only time that I've refused to shake someone's extended hand... and I was like... 7 or 8 years old. I gave that bitch the cold shoulder. That was the beginning of my disdain for organized religion. I believe in my Family... and I believe in ME; And that's pretty much it.

    Good luck with your Jamboree.... God invented the Weather Channel too, Ya know.

  2. I do need to say that I have been a Baptist all my life, and I've never, ever danced around with a snake (of the reptile variety, anyway).

  3. Oh my God Pam! So you just announced that you've "Been around the block" with a blood viper....

  4. please be safe you guys, oh hallie and the gang are having a hurricane party to XD

  5. yes religion is different things to different people. We have the Jehovah's witnesses bombarding our block. I just told the newest group that 12 have already been here before them and to take our block off our list, lol

  6. I always tell the JW's that I'm a member of a cult that worships the devil, and I am more than willing to listen to them if they are willing to come in and take part in a satanic ritual.