Friday, August 26, 2011

Farmer Ted keeps a heart in a jar...

...on the Kitchen counter no less.
I'm just kidding, it's not really a heart in a jar.  The first time I saw it out of the corner of my eye that's what I thought it was.  I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that Ted actually having a heart in a jar of formaldehyde wouldn't surprise me at all.  I would appreciate if he kept something like that in the Lair instead of my Kitchen though.

Next...Hurricane Irene


  1. I know I'll regret this, but what the hell is it? Rainie ~

  2. I'll tell ya what it is Rainie... It's an olive oil decanter (That's the yellow colored stuff) and inside of that is a chamber that's blown into the shape of a bunch of grapes; (Red wine vinegar is inside of that to make the grapes look red.) Personally... I think that it's cool lookin' but Chele gets a little wiggy over it.I guess I'll move it... Nah...

    Sooooo. This may be the last post for a couple of days seeing as how we have this monster fuckin' storm steaming towards us. The youngest spawn is all flipped out (He doesn't like storms.) One...BIT. He cracks me up because he'll keep asking questions about the hurricane and when he doesn't get the answer that he's lookin' for... He flips out even worse. So far... He's yet to get the answer that he's been looking for on ANYTHING. We told him that he can have his friends over to stay with us... (Like that's gonna help anything.) Now we'll have a buncha kids all raising hell about the power off. No power equals No video games. I'm a "The glass is half full" type of guy so maybe we won't even LOOSE power.

    Well... Wish us luck. We have a shit ton of things to do so... We'll see ya on the other side.

  3. Stay safe and don't let the evil spawn hoard drive ya bat shit crazy.

  4. Oh.... It's already fuckin' started Sled... It's ALREADY started. This is gonna turn into a big 'ol bucket of FUCK...

  5. Ok, I thought it was grapes made into the bottle somehow, just wasn't sure what was in the bottle or the grapes. Kinda neat looking! Hope you guys are weathering the storm safely! Keep us updated, we didn't get much here but some wind and rain, but then again it didn't come ashore here either. Rainei

  6. And...obviously I'm tired or my sweet angel, Elizabeth has driven me over the edge because I clearly can't spell my own name in the post above. One day I'll figure out how to post without being anonymous! LOL Rainie