Saturday, August 27, 2011

False Alarm

About a 1/2 hour ago, while vacuuming, the power went out.  Already?

Oh Noze!
We panicked briefly, then we realized that we had so much plugged into that part of the house the breaker tripped.  Phew.

The spawn and his friend quickly decided to choose some board games for when the power actually does go out.  Would it be wrong to teach them  how to play quarters?

Meanwhile, they continue to kill Zombies while Irene is closing in.  At least they are keeping us safe from the brain suckers.

Holy Crap this storm is ginormous.
 We had our first casualty in Command Central.  Ted dropped a mirrored coaster.

Man down.


  1. 7 years bad luck for Ted. No one will blame you for dropping him NOW. Save yourself!


  2. Not only did I end up with glass in my foot.. I ended up with three fuckin' balls!