Wednesday, August 3, 2011

For the Birds

Or the bird lovers.

I'll tell you what else is for the birds.  TD Bank.  Thieves.  They have shoddy, deceptive business practices and exorbitant hidden fees.  I'm done with them.  And when we win the lottery (or our incredibly witty and savvy garden blog makes us rich and famous) and they are begging for my business, they can kiss my ass.

Next...I'm hoping something will happen to get me out of the shitty mood I'm in.  There's a new poll.  Vote in it.


  1. Oh... Guess who's good and pissed? Yeah... Fuckin' banks Man.... I was at a bank on James Island one time and as I was walking in... This dude came FLYIN' out; (He just robbed the place.) Lemme tell ya what... There were more cops around that place than you could shake a stick at... Helicopters and shit... Dogs... It was crazy. I suppose that the dude was robbed by the bank.... So he decided to rob them back.

    But yeah... Farmer Chele was good and pissed off. Lemme back up. Farmer Chele IS good and pissed off. It didn't help matters whenever I gave her the cost for the Jaguar repairs... I WAS gonna play the "High/Low" game with her but at the time... She was nothing to be fucked with; So I just laid it on her. It could have been worse though. The dealership wanted to do the same work but charge almost 3000 dollars more. Ah... Jaguar ownership! (It's not your Granny's Oldsmobile...That's for sure.)

    So I finally snapped a few decent pictures of the elusive hummingbird. It's three or four of those little jokers around here... They're cool as SHIT to watch.

  2. Cilantro's kicking the shit out of Curry.

  3. Banks suck! Great pictures of the humming bird!