Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Blog is Hitting the Road Again

That's right folks.  We have spawn of the female variety graduating from high school.  What the What?

Here's the what.  We have to drive to Georgia to finally see some sunshine.  And since I haven't figured out mobile blogging, much less moving this thing to a more friendly host (what do you want from me...I didn't get home from work until 8pm tonight)...this blog will most likely be on vacation until Monday.

Congratulations to a beautiful, smart young lady.  She wants to be a mini-Ted and go into the culinary field! Pastry Chef even.

And to our blog friends...don't do anything we wouldn't do.


  1. Not that I have a story that can "One up" the youngest spawn's 100 year self portrait....But I think that this deserves an honorable mention.

    One day when the above said female spawn was in the third or fourth grade, her class was having a discussion about expression; how one feels better when one frees their mind through expression. Pretty deep for a third grader but the teacher's message sunk right in and 'Lil Miss Spawn decided to "Express herself" by means of a handwritten note geared towards someone in her class with whom she had MUCH disdain...(So here's what it said. "You are a bitch." Seeing as how the truth sets you free....She's gonna deliver the note to her nemesis... So she did.

    THIS little jackass marches right up to the teacher's desk and drops off the note and just who do you think was sitting at the desk? Yeah.... The teacher. (For whatever reason, she didn't like the teacher...Obviously.) And THAT my friends.... is Macy. (We're proud of you Sweet Pea... You did it!) "Who's Who of American Honors students" I might add.....

    The "Lair" is coming along p-r-e-t-t-y nicely. The great part about it is that the lair has an escape door to the garage so whenever I might find the need to make a hasty exit....I can slip right on out. I love being down there; that's where all of the cool shit's at... it's like hanging out at a hardware store. There's always something to look at and it has that smell of tools and dirt and hard work! (I like being productive.) We'll post some pics of my new hangout once it's finished; I figure... Sometime next week. Rufus Dragon LOVES it down there but that's to be expected.... Being a Dragon and all.

  2. Georgia? You came to Georgia??!! Dammit. I wish I had read this sooner and invited myself to the party! ;)

  3. We were actually only in Georgia for T- 5 hours for graduation ceremony and party. We stayed with my Mom in SC and drove back and forth. Believe me Christa, we both wish we had more time to hang out. We have you and friends of the elfin variety, and a friend in NC, that we would've loved to see. GD Family...always cramping our style.

  4. First of all, congrats to the Girlie Spawn!

    It sucks that you guys were so close, yet so far away. Thank God Renee didn't know about this; she would have had me drive to get herself a Muppets Michele!

    Can't wait to see photos of your "Lair", Farmer Ted. I am imagining Rufus Dragon guarding the door and everything. I bet he's fierce like that.

  5. Oh yeah..... NOTHING.... I mean fucking NOTHING comes into this house uninvited!