Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rufus vs. The Dog Door

We have a sliding glass door from the Kitchen to the Deck, and in the screen door we have a dog door so that Twinkletoes may come and go as he pleases when it's nice weather.  The dog loves to be outside, but is not a fan of the dog door.  He'll use it if he must.  I'm not sure why he doesn't like it, but it's our guess that it's just too much damn work for his highness to get up the momentum to launch himself through it.  He had even taken to waiting to go in and out when we are home until someone is around to let him in or out.

Then came his lucky day.  The latch to the screen door broke, and Rufus Dragon let his creative juices flow.  *Please excuse the poor video quality.*

I guess he figured if we can open the damned door, why couldn't he?  Of course he got stuck part way through.


  1. That's Him.... (Jackass!)

  2. Rufus is a genius!! Although, not quite as handsome as Sam Adams!!

  3. well Ted, you've met us, drank with us, and have my handsome Sam- which do you think??

  4. You guys are pretty cool! Big sam ranks right up there with Rufus Dragon on the "Cool Dog" scale. We need to get together again soon... It was fun!