Monday, May 2, 2011

Red, White & Blue

We as a nation paused for a moment of celebratory jubilation, and then immediately expressed remorse for wishing a man dead...and then we celebrated some more.  I've seen the gamut run today on social media, and that's just in the very small world of my friends.  Tis the beauty of the USA.  We have Freedom of Expression.

I only hope that this brought some peace to those that lost loved ones 9/11.  Personally, I think that MF got off easy and less than he deserved.  I am an eye-for-an-eye type gal.  I'm also filled with a sense of dread that this will unleash a shitstorm of crazy we haven't anticipated.  "Is America any safer now that one of the billions of people on the planet is gone? You think any terrorists anywhere are hanging up their spikes and leaving the track with tears in their eyes? What, you think they’re all scared now? Is the mission accomplished?" ~ Henry Rollins via Vanity Fair

Anyway, we had an impromptu celebration tonight and didn't even discuss Osama.  It was born out of a need to burn some citronella candles to ward off pests.  I found a Pier1 giftset someone had given me that I never opened in a closet, and alongside of it some sparklers.  The youngest spawn was eager to light things on fire.  It seemed to meld with the theme of the day.

Notice the spawn's Obey the Dachshund shirt.  Rufus Dragon would've dominated Osama Bin Laden like he was the mailman or something.

Next...What did we do this weekend in the garden that has my back and thighs screaming in protest?


  1. I feel like I've been run over by a truck! With all of the bending over and shit.... I feel like I've done a billion crunches; I guess that's not a bad thing... it IS one way of getting a workout.

    In the gardens... The flowers received the most attention. I've got to hand it to my better half..... She knows her shit when it comes to flowers; Me? (Not so much.) Rufus seems to like our newest additions too. He plops his fat ass right down in the middle of them. Normally, you can yell at a dog to "Move!".... and the dog will move. Not this guy. You yell "MOVE!".... and he looks at you and then turns his head. Don't get me wrong, He's cool and all but, shit... Talk about hard headed!

    bin Laden..... Where to start? Know what? I'll just leave it alone. (It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.)

    So we had a little fireworks display on the back deck. They sure don't make sparklers like the use to. Once they were lit.... We got like....15 seconds of action and then that was that. I suppose that we'll hafta stock up for the year this July 4th seeing as how they were a pretty big hit! (For about 10 minutes of so.) That's the way the ball bounces.

  2. I am glad he is gone, but this is hardly a reason for people to jump around as if we won some huge volley ball game. I fear the hydra. A touch of humility in our public reaction would be advisable.

  3. There is something almost Holy about working the Earth's soil. (soil is alive, dirt is dead) The rich odors of decay somehow become odors of Life...the acts of husbandry, the intercourse with creation, beauty and survival, all bespeak the acts of the Master Gardener, God Himself!
    Mistakes are lessons learned, and success' taste sweet. Is there anything that connects us more tightly to the world itself then embracing it's body and soul?