Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mom's Day

Our friend Jill said on her FB page this morning, "I don't know a woman who isn't a mother to someone, regardless of whether she has children - happy mother's day to all of you!!"  I really like this.  I also think it applies to some fathers I know who are there for mothers who can't be.

Anyway, I don't take much stock in what I consider "Hallmark Holidays."  Shoot, I don't want a fuss for my birthday or Christmas either for that matter.  I'm just not one for all of the hullabaloo; however, I will say a little acknowledgement is always nice.

Today the youngest spawn, with the help of Farmer Ted, acknowledged the day with flowers and some homemade cards.  The eldest spawn did his part, by having a soccer game.  At Noon.  I know, it's not his fault.  Some Man must've been in charge of the scheduling.  I kid, I kid.  His team won, and he played great.

Tonight is another deck night, only interrupted by supper. The menu consisted of roasted beets with goat cheese, caramelized balsamic vinaigrette on a bed of GrowDammit lettuce.

Even Ted agreed it was pretty darn good.   I'm calling foul on the poll right now b/c he voted Yuck.  The spawn, continued their disdain...

To quell the revolution, we also had a seafood feast.  Clams, Lobster and Shrimp Cocktail (for the youngest spawn - the fact that he will even put something from the sea in his mouth is cause for celebration).

Finally, I continued the torture by insisting on pictures of people and dawg...with me.

So, Happy Mother's Day to all of our blog friends.  No matter why you are called a Mother.


  1. Beets = Yuck. :( signed youngest spawn

  2. I love Jill's quote and Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

    Now I know how the youngest spawn feels (due to his reply above!), but that salad looks super yummy to me. If we ever make it up to visit, I will happily eat your roasted beet salad!

    Captain Keebler made no comment about the beets(is it a guy thing?), but totally perked up when he saw that seafood.

    Miss Renee just wants to play with Rufus Dragon. Haha!

    Love the torturous photos. Everyone looks so darn unhappy!

  3. Okay.... The beets were pretty tasty. The goat cheese and balsamic caramel put it over the top! Yeah Mare... It was a pretty salad. I'm a big fan of nice looking food!

    So it took me a while but I'm back on track. I've finally finished with the ceiling repair; The only thing left to do is paint that joker and THAT'S outta the way. Painting the walls will be a piece of cake, just a little time consuming. It's the prep work that takes the majority of the time. Next up? The upstairs bath. I'm gonna knock THAT little job out while Chele is off visiting friends this weekend. I don't wanna count my chickens... But that's the plan.

    So I got a new lawnmower blade for Mother's Day so I'm pretty jacked up about that. Whenever I hear the whir of a mower, I hafta go and check out who's doing what and where. (I don't like being shown up by the neighbors.) It's not like I try to out do anyone... I would just prefer to set the bar. It's like this.... (And every neighborhood has one) You have a nice neighborhood.... Beautiful homes... Nice lawns... And then there's this one ass hat that doesn't give a shit about his yard and would rather spend all afternoon doing "Whatever," while his wife is outside mowing knee deep grass. (That's always burned me up.) I just think that some things are a "Man's Job." Here's a few examples. Taking out the trash? (Man's job.) Firewood? (Man's job.) Cleaning the 'ol nasty ass dried up piss from around toilet? (Man's job.) I can't tell you how many times I've heard.... "Well, I don't miss!" Guys.... Just clean the shit up, Is all I'm sayin'. save yourself some heartache. I WILL clue the ladies in on a little tid bit. Sometimes when you aim.... HERE. It goes... THERE... Or.... Here AND there. So now that everyone's on the same page.

  4. And yes.... I need a haircut.

  5. Farmer Ted, I'd say you were a keeper. Any guy who happily takes on the upstairs bath while his love is hangin' with her girls is good in my book!

    I am going to share a little secret with you...I am one of those wives who is out there mowing the lawn. Mark and I have been married for almost 20 years, and I think the only time I didn't mow the lawn was when I was pregnant with! Trust me, if I could have gotten away with it then, I would have!

    Over all those years and our many moves, I have gone from a lot that was less than an acre, to almost two acres, to now having almost three acres. My lawn time has become my quiet time and escape, especially when I can end up being out there for almost three hours. Plus, Mark is my own personal waterboy and I let him take care of all the other manly things while I am busy mowing. I think I'm the lucky one in this deal! ;)

  6. I hear ya Mare... I love being outside, doing my own little thing. It's a bonus that now while I'm doing some yard work....I can look over and see a bad ass garden in the works. Everything is coming along nicely.

    Yeah... I'm looking to knock out this painting shit this weekend. The good thing about everyone being gone is the fact that... I get up really early; Usually somewhere between 2 and 4 and that's when I have the most motivation. waiting around until 10 or so to start a project? That's for shit as far as I'm concerned. I don't feel like doing SHIT about that time because I've already been up for about eight hours. The one draw back is that it's hard to do any type of project in the early morning when you have a house full of people sleeping so sometime I loose the "Muse" but it usually works out.

    In this township.... They only pick up yard waste once a month! Everything has to be in a biodegradable bag.... They pick it all up around 6 in the morning on a Saturday.... The bag cannot contain any grass clippings....It's a bunch of bullshit, if ya ask me. OH! If it rains? The bags get soggy and then you're hosed. The shit has to sit all piled up in the garage. I wonder what genius came up with THAT jewel of an idea. (And now... We can't burn anything.) The next borough over? (Two or three blocks away?) They throw that shit right on the side of the street and next thing ya know... Here comes the dude to pick it up. Need to rake some leaves?! Blow 'em out into the street.... The guy will take care of the rest. I'm torn. I dunno if it's better to be in the "Better" side of town or not. This whole "This is a Township" and "This a borough" thing has me stumped. I can't tell the difference. I guess that the air is cleaner over here....(Or there.) Depends on how much you pay in taxes I suppose.

  7. Some of those photos are magazine quality! Beautiful!