Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Holy Shit. We have tomatoes!"

Is exactly what Farmer Ted said when he spied these...

The onions and peas are going strong (so are the peppers but the picks came out fuzzy - hey we couldn't call it day if there wasn't an equipment malfunction).

I wish we could grow Sam Adams (no not your dog Jill).

We have a ton of lettuce.

Not just Romaine.  And in breaking news, we discovered a new and exciting way to get the spawn to eat their veggies.  Let them go right into the garden, pick it themselves and shove it in.  Who knew?  Even the spawn's friends were eating lettuce.  I guess it was the dirt flavor that won them over.

Rufus Dragon went icognito making sure all was copacetic.

He even got his digs in to the Brookberry Garden dawgs.

It was a very productive day!  Next...the Growdammit Orchard is almost finished.  We just need some blueberry bushes, and some pics.


  1. Make sure you get at least two different varieties of blueberry bushes or they won't produce berries!

  2. I feel like I just got the shit beat outta me! Me and the tiller were balls deep on our new orchard... 12 plants... In the ground. Farmer Chele was all in the garden doing her weeding thing; I can't really get all that much accomplished when she's weeding around me; It's kinda like Yoga.... I look up and there's a face full of rump... So I try and figure out something else to do.

    So we were gonna hit the grocery store but after I showered, I was waiting for Chele to shower and the next thing ya know... (ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz) She tried to wake me but I guess that she said "Fuck it" and abandoned the shopping thing. Some people can lay down for a couple of Mins. but I'm NOT one of those people. So I finally wake up and rolled out of the bed and took a look at myself in the mirror... My fuckin' hair is EVERYWHERE. I have curly hair (Not like a Jewfro or anything) but it's pretty curly. I hate going to sleep with wet hair because I end up looking like who the fuck knows what....

    Pretty cool pic of Rufus giving everyone the raspberry... That dog cracks me up. So I saw a firefly the other night... I know, Big fuckin' deal; We HAVE fireflies down South but this fuckin' thing that We saw the other night was the size of a fuckin' Volkswagen. I had to get Farmer Chele to look at it to tell me what the hell it was.It looked like it had a neon light attached to it. I knew what it WAS... I just wasn't sure that it WAS what I thought that it WAS. What can I say....