Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spawnism Du Jour

While taking the youngest spawn to piano lessons, he was trying to trip Ted up with tongue twisters and big words.

Spawn:  Hey Ted.  Say Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious.
Ted:  No.
Spawn:  Hey Ted. Say Antidisestablishmentterrierism.
Ted:  No.
Me:  What?
Spawn:  Antidisestablishmentterrierism.
Ted:  What is that?  An antidisestablishment for dogs?
Me:  It's when you're in the dog house.
Spawn:  I didn't say Antidisestablishmentterrorism.  Hey, did you know Osama Bid Laden is dead?

We won't even go into how Scerm came about, but that's another good one we'll leave to your imagination.

Anywho, nothing new on the GrowDammit front.  Still harvesting greens.  Things are growing.  Some of our labeling sticks have disappeared, so we have some stuff growing like weeds in the back garden.  We're just not exactly sure what they are.  We hope they aren't weeds.


  1. I want to come for a ride along in your car one day. Matter in fact, I shall bring the Little Miss with me. I can just imagine them tormenting Farmer Ted with their tongue!

    I feel your pain on the missing labeling sticks. Mom and I always worked as a team in the yard. I dug the holes and Mom did the planting and placing of said sticks. I totally depended on those sticks to know where everything was when things first started to come up in the Spring. This year, as I tried to get a jump on things, I went out and started to clean out the beds. I was on such a roll that when I hit an area I just swore was weeds, I pulled those suckers up with a vengeance. They weren't weeds. They were a clump of peonies that I had dug up from Mark's brother's house in Feasterville, planted in our yard in Jersey, dug up and relo'd up to NY, and lastly, smuggled down to GA. They were Mom's favorite and I was in tears! I quickly replanted what I could salvage and crossed my fingers. Can you believe they came up and finally bloomed this year? Lol...guess they needed a little trauma to do their thing!

    Can't wait to see more of those pretty salads that you are making with those greens. Matter in fact, I think you guys should add a recipe section on here. That would rock!

  2. I've thought about doing a recipe section a few times but then I wouldn't want it to take away from our upcoming book that we keep talking about. We think that it'll be a hit and plus... We know someone who knows a thing or two about getting a book published. (As a Man Thinketh.... By James Allen, photographs By Bowman Gray IV.) At a bookstore near you; Just don't buy it from Borders; They shit him out of some moolah and so every time I get the chance to dog out Borders.... I do it. (What are friends for?)

    The youngest spawn.... What more could I possibly add. Yeah... Sometime I forget that he's 11 with some of the crazy shit that comes outta his mouth, it's like talking to an adult. "Scerm...." Jesus.

    Farmer Chele is gonna hang out with her girlies this weekend and the "Food theme" is Soul Food; Actually Southern cuisine but "Soul Food" sounds so much better.... So much greasier.... Mmmmmm. Now just who do you suppose is the King of Soul Food??? Yeah....That would be me. Farmer Chele is no joke in the kitchen either... The woman can flat out cook but I'd rather do all of the cooking, That's just me. I like seeing that look on people's faces whenever they first try my food. It's like having Tourette's... You start randomly yelling out crazy shit... Like.... "Fuck!" or... "SHIT!" or "Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious, That's some good shit!"

  3. Oh, if there is a book in the works, then I will try to wait patiently. That, or we'll just come visit one day and join in on the verbal applause!

  4. Come visit... I dare ya. No one visits us. I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day and was like... "Man... Why don't you come up and visit?" He was like... "Dude.... You left a prime ass beach house and moved to fuckin' Pennsylvania... that's why."

    Dick... I like Pennsylvania; And Wegmans.

  5. A weed by any other name is a flower, or an herb, or a vegetable...just a misplaced, misunderstood, and often lonely twig of nature growing in the wrong neighborhood.
    It's tough being a weed. Growing like a ...well, weed, and yet no one appreciating you to the point of allowing you to grow to fruitful maturity. No respect...