Friday, May 6, 2011

Rufus vs. The Rabbits

This blog post is brought to you from the back deck, where we just got a firsthand look at Rufus in action protecting the garden from the dreaded bunnies.  We're sitting here enjoying the evening with the Dragon at his usual perch at the top of the deck stairs. (Didn't think to get a picture before the real action began.)  Farmer Ted's eagle eye spotted a trio of rabbits in the neighbor's yard. (Picture not achieved before the rabbits ran under the azaleas).

Ted also spotted the neighbor's cat stalking the rabbits.  (No picture of the cat, but it is smallish and black).  The Dragon, ever vigilant, was snoring.  Expecting a wild kingdom moment, I raced inside for my glasses and the camera.  The Dragon roused himself enough to pick up his head, and this is when he spied...the cat.  He raced down the steps to the backyard to keep an eye on the situation.  At first, he was standing at the ready anticipating a yard breach.  Then, the anticipation got to be too much.

He had to take a rest.  Finally, after watching the cat scare the rabbits away, he decided crisis averted.

All's well that ends well.

*  Please excuse the technical difficulties we had with the AV equipment.  Clearly another photography lesson is in order.


  1. The first dog has NOTHING on Rufus!!
    except of course the designated, tax-payer funded, poop patrol and walkers.... Rufus for first dog!!

  2. Obama's dog?! Man.... Fuck that dog. Rufus would eat his lunch. It's funny that someone should bring up "Poop patrol." Here's my dog shit story for the day. (Finish your coffee before you read this.) I'm just warning ya.

    So I decided that it was time to bust out the Dyson and vacuum the house. Here's a foot note... Get yourself a Dyson and you won't go wrong. Okay... That's out of the way. We have windows all over the place here. So I'm vacuuming the rig... Looking out the window....Checking out the garden... Looking at the birds... Shit like that. I SHOULD have been looking at the floor because ... Uh... let's just say that I hit a land mine and didn't notice it because I was too busy looking out the window....Checking out the garden... Looking at the birds... Shit like that. Yeah..... "Doo Doo Brown came to town." You wanna talk about a good day gone bad? Jesus... That's enough of THAT.

    Has anyone ever heard a fox bark? (Or whatever it is that they do.) It sounds like someone's yelling. It's some of the craziest shit I've ever heard. We're next to a wildlife preserve so we see all sorts of crazy animals around here which is weird because on this side of the street... Is the woods; On that side of the street.... Is the town. It's the best of both worlds actually.

    Yeah.... Rufus Dragon watching the cat watching the rabbits. I was ready... Cocktail in hand to see some action that never materialized. Cats crack me up when they hunt.... All stealthy and shit and then whenever they botch the job..... They stand there looking all around like.... "What the HELL!?" I have three cats; Bandit, Whitey and Gracie Rocket. They stay out at the beach and yes..... Whenever I go to the beach.... THEY go to the beach. It's crazy to see three cats strolling down the beach but they do it!

  3. Farmer Ted, I hope you had shoes on when you hit that landmine. ;)

    When the Badelves were relo'd up to NY from Jersey/Philly (I have to point that out or else my peeps will think we are all kinds of Jersey Shore!), I heard fox barks for the first time. Amazingly cool! We had a fox family who lived in the rock gardens that were built into the side of the mountain in our front yard, so we were able to watch their babies growing up and leaving the nest. Here in rural Georgia, I get feral dogs, cats, and coyote. Not a fair exchange, in my opinion!

    I think Rufus Dragon needs a cape because of his super speed. Wait...capes are bad, right? Scratch that idea!

  4. Jersey... I've never seen Jersey Shore; (Probably because I don't watch television) But I DO KNOW THIS about Jersey... I've yet to see anyone that can drive worth a fuck coming from Jersey. They say that people from the South can't drive and for the most part that's true but folks from Jersey? (They drive the same way.) Just toolin' along.....Doing the speed limit in the fast lane... Yacking on the fuckin' phone; That shit burns me up.

    Rural Georgia. My Daughter lives in Georgia right outside of Augusta in a town called Evans. There's really not much to do in Augusta by what I can see. Oh well... It gives her fewer options for finding trouble; although I will say that she's an unbelievably well behaved kid. (I'll keep her.)

  5. Well, I don't watch the Jersey Shore, either, but their stupidness is all over the place and I can't seem to escape them. I just realized that there was an issue when I told people I grew up in Jersey and they started talking about those freaks. Figured it would be good if I mentioned it was south Jersey and closer to Philly. Not that it's much better, but still...

    My Dad taught me how to drive on the backstretch at Philadelphia Park racetrack, so maybe that's why I don't drive like I am from Jersey? ;)

    We are south of Atlanta in a town just like Evans. At least I'm thinking it is, because I haven't managed to find any trouble!

  6. We know some nice people from Jersey, don't we Mare? ;) I've even had shopping dates with one. It just seems like whenever you encounter a really clueless driver or a really aggressively obnoxious driver around here a NJ plate is involved. Our chorus when going anywhere seems to involve "And they're from Jersey."

    Yah, Rufus vs. the Dyson. It caught Ted off guard b/c really the damn dog NEVER messes in the house, unless he's sick or we sleep in for like 10 hours. It really never happens. Unfortunately, this time it was Really Shitty.