Thursday, March 17, 2011

1 fence up, 1 to go

I know!  Pretty exciting.

We are ready to put some plants in the ground.  Tomorrow is supposed to hit 70, should I play hookey?  I'll put a poll up.


  1. I'm voting "Yes" on the poll..... For obvious reasons.

  2. Very nice looking plot there folks!

  3. Thanks B! I need to do about two more plots I think. Once we actually did some research on some things.... I don't think that we're gonna have enough room. For example: Artichokes need to be at LEAST four feet apart. Did you guys know that? Me either. I just grabbed the tiller and went at it like my fuckin' hair was on fire. That's how I roll. I'm like a soldier in battle.... I just charge right on in.

    70 degrees today! It's time to bust out the shorts! (I'm pretty jacked up about it.) I'm over the cold.