Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dancing Nekkid in the pale Supermoonlight.

Made you look. :P  We weren't actually dancing or nekkid, but we were taking pics.  This was the best one of the night.

We call him Mr. Greenjeans.

Next...we need to learn how to use the expensive ass camera we own.  I've seen some amazing pics today of last night's moon.  Here's  some of ours:



  1. Bring it with you to Chucktown.

  2. Uh...... I'm trying to come up with something cheeky to say but, uh..... Man. That fuckin' Evan William's strikes again. In the beginning, I thought that these were all "Artsy" and stuff but once I look at them.... (I dunno.) It's sorta like when your kid draws a picture of a firetruck, (And it's the shittiest piece of shit firetruck that you've ever seen?)

    Yeah... I took those fuckin' pictures... "Ding" "Ding".... Here comes the SHIT MOBILE!!!

    I'm out.... I don't have to take this abuse.

    (Evan Williams.) That Redneck .

  3. But on a lighter note! Jill chopped her bush!

  4. You not only made me look,you made me laugh-at your photographic "skills" (I use the term "skills" loosely):D

  5. Should we bring the camera or Mr. Greenjeans to Chuckles? LOL

    To be fair, we didn't have a tripod. And you can't completely blame Evan b/c I took the 1st pic and I wasn't into Mr. Williams. Yeah, we are skilled at being loose. ;)

  6. I love Bo's "Matter-of-fact" type attitude about the whole thing.

    And to top it off, Now I'm "loose."