Monday, March 14, 2011

Rubbing Elbows: Celebrity Garden Edition

My friend Bo, who resides in the Yankee Carolina, kindly sent us some pics of his garden past.  He has two tillers...and neighbors who want to community garden with him.  Color me jealous, so I feel compelled to share.

Man, would you look at that view?

Why is Bo a celebrity?  Because he takes stunning photographs.  And because he does this, he landed himself a book deal to republish James Allen's As A Man Thinketh with his photographs.  Check it out!/pages/As-A-Man-Thinketh/150860694956072?sk=info 

Do yourself a favor and get a copy.  It's available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and some locally owned bookstores in SC and NC (which would be the best place to get it - support local business and all that).  Just don't buy it from Border's, because they aren't paying him his due.


  1. Thanks Y'all! I can't wait for the squash ans zuccs to come in!

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  3. Okay.... So it won't let me copy and paste the link for this book. Oh well. Check out the link above and have your credit card in hand. This is one of those books that is truly... "Coffee table" material. I've read some passages and they truly make you think about just how easy life can be if you just take a little time to be thankful and think.

    I'm thankful that my woman is HOT AS LAVA! That's what I'm thankful for. (I just had to throw that in there.)There is ONE thing that puzzles me about the photographs in Bo's book....He has this super bad ass camera, (We have the same camera.) He takes pictures, (I too... take pictures.) His photos turn out beautifully, (My pictures look like shit.) He gets a book deal and goes on book signing tours, (I get to tour the driveway while rolling the fuckin' garbage out to the street.)

    I think we ended up with a bum Nikon.

    Buy the book.... You'll be better for it.