Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rain...Sleet...Snow Showers...Sigh

Yep, this is tonight's forecast folks.  Ted wanted to be bummed, but then he got really excited to discover that the good ol' Almanac was right again.  He loves that thing.  He's taken to rolling it up and carrying around in his back pocket.  If he didn't, I'm pretty sure it would be in his "library" alongside of the stack of back National G's  and Garden & Gun's he found.

Unfortunately, this means we delayed putting anything in the ground.  However, we will be on it this weekend.  There is a bunch of stuff we can plant now according to our Bible.

Also, there is a new Death Match poll.  Peas vs. Carrots.  Yeah, Yeah, they are supposed to get along famously.  But, what if they had a little disagreement.  Maybe the peas caught the carrots stepping out with the much more exciting lima beans?  It could happen.



  1. Who knew that Lima beans were the garden "slut?" I'm going with the peas on this one. There's nothing like peas over a bed of rice!

    How about that Almanac?! How they can pull that shit off is beyond me but it's normally right on the money. They say that it's just routine weather patterns that they follow but shit, Man.... To be able to tell you that it's going to rain on "whatever" day a year in advance??? Kinda freaky.

    So.... We've seen the neighborhood groundhog prowling around. Yeah. You can take this one to the bank; If I see that little ugly looking little bitch around the garden(s)... I'm gonna fuck his ass UP! I'll go all Caddy Shack on his ass.

  2. Who is reading "Decider Points"?

  3. That would be me. I'm the conservative. It's really not that helpful while gardening though because if you want to spread manure around.... You hafta do it Liberally.

    (I've been waiting to pull that one out.)

    Too easy.

  4. The peas and carrots are neck and neck!

    (Spreading shit... Liberally.) Too funny.

  5. Please note the surgical cleanliness of the library.

  6. In re: tobbacky - I saw some flowering tobacco growing in France at EPCOT a couple of years ago. Here, take a look -


    Really pretty!


  7. No shit! I never figured that it would look like that Tink! So I'm guessing that they didn't have any weed growing at Disney? They'll grow tobacco... but not reefer.... At Disney World? Really? I think that it'd be a money maker. Get everyone all stoned the fuck up and then go trippin' balls around the park! Uh.... Sorry. I kinda went off on a reefer kick there for a second.

    Tobacco is really pretty! They say that it'll grow up here. They grow it in a town called "Intercourse...." Pennsylvania. I swear to God, It's a real town.

    So now I don't feel that bad about talking about reefer.