Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm thinking about applying for a part-time job at Home Depot.

At this point, I feel like we've paid someone's salary there, so it might as well be mine.  We bought fencing today.  I really wanted to go with wood and wire b/c I think it's visually more appealing.  However, we went with metal stakes for durability.  So, we'll be the West Chester Hillbillies.  We've both been called worse for sure.

Anywho, we got the fence partially up.  Unfortunately, it was really cold.  When it went bone deep, we opted to take a nap to warm up.  And that's about it for what's new in our world.

Next...our farm needs a name.  Green Acres?  Nah, I'm sure we can come up with something better.  Any ideas?


  1. The Funny Farm? No, too obvious. The Farmits? Nah...too dumb. ummmm...Justamere Garden? Effen Garden, Effen Farm...ok...I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead. :D

  2. The Farmit! That's pretty good. I can make a sign for it! "Varmits.... Keep ya ass out of the Farmits!" It kinda has a ring to it.

    "Credit Card Billville" is more along the lines.

    Here's a little tid bit of information for our friends who hang out in the warmer climates. "KISS MY ASS!" It's still p-r-e-t-t-y chilly up here. Maybe one day we can get a beach house on some small little laid back island and then start a cactus garden. AAAAH.... I can see it now. What would be even cooler is if it had a 3/4 acre saltwater fed pond with a stunning view of the marsh. (This was a shameless attempt to sell my house on some laid back little island with a cactus garden, 3/4 acre saltwater fed pond with a stunning view of the marsh.)

    So you may be wondering why I'm up here in the cold when I have all of that down there? The answer is easy.... My Woman's love keeps me warm! (Pretty sweet huh?) Besides.... She's fuckin' hot as SHIT!

  3. Stunning views of the marsh! (Just sayin'.)