Thursday, March 24, 2011

The West Chester Hillbillies strike again.

A garden is like an autobiography.  I can't remember where I read that.  I suppose I could Google it, but all I know is I didn't come up with it.  Anyway, we can't plant anything yet b/c of frost but we can try to make the fence not so ugly.

We need a GrowDammit sign.


  1. Yeah.... Pink Flamingos! Because that's how we roll.

    I want to go back and get a shit ton more of the flamingos. Seeing as how the Dollar Store is right next to the wine and booze store, I'm feeling pretty confident that there's more in our future.

    So did you get a load of Chele's s-l-a-m-m-i-n' boots? Not only is my woman hot, (As shit) she's quite the fashion plate. I took a GREAT picture of her ass but as you can see... (THAT picture did NOT get posted.) I was just trying to brighten the day for the guys that read this our blog but Oh well.... She was none too pleased. I tried.

    The flower garden is KICKING ASS! We have stuff popping up all over the place... I don't really know what's what but I DO KNOW that there's loads of activity going on. At least something's happening. This cold weather shit is bumming me out.

  2. The latest Garden Death Match is a nail biter!

  3. The eldest spawn thinks our flamingos are tacky. Mission accomplished!

  4. Maybe this will prompt him to find his own place.

  5. Lovin' the 'Yahd Aht', guys!

  6. Because that's how we roll....