Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Bet you never thought you'd read THAT on a gardening blog.  And yes, I'm sure I'll be bitching about the water bill this summer.   The problem with today's deluge is twofold:  a)  the backyard is currently a swamp and b)  the Farmer's Almanac says that these can go in the ground...
That's right folks, the Wannabe's Bible says the sugar snaps are ready.  Not only are they ready, but today is the last favorable day.  Okay, we can plant them any time this month.  However, we wanted to stick to the favorable dates.  What makes a date favorable?  Apparently it has to do with the phase of the moon.  Ted tried to explain it to me but when he got to the part about dancing around the garden nekkid under the light of the moon, I called BS on it.  He pouted for a bit, but talk about building a trellis perked him back up.

Next up...fencing and critter control.

1 comment:

  1. The farmer's Almanac is some crazy shit! It's my theory that when you plant on a favorable moon phase... The gravitational pull by the moon on the Earth.... Nutrients and minerals are drawn towards the surface. (That's my thinking.) Maybe I'm wrong. It was also my thinking that we could dance around naked too.. Man, was that a let down. My dreams are crushed. I think that she's standing firm on it though. Shit... (So much for THAT idea.)