Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Peas and Carrots

It's a tie.  It would also seem we are friends with a bunch of wiseacres.  Interestingly enough, just as soon as one would pull ahead someone would vote for the other.  LMAO

What can I say about today?  The wintry mix forecast that I thought was gone is back on.  It's looking like we will be getting snow showers Friday morning...sooooo...no planting happened today.

Read Ted's comment on yesterday's blog post.  You'll get more of Ted vs. the Ceiling and more of Rufus vs. the Pizza.  He asked for Zorro Rufus so here you go.

Yah.  There's a happy dog.  Rest assured, we never did that to him again.  If I recall, the second he got outside it was Rufus vs. the Halloween Costume and we never found the mask.

Next...check us out for a new poll tomorrow.  It promises to bean a good one.  And, maybe our garden blog can actually get back to gardening.


  1. WiseAcres. Duh. That's the name of our farming endeavor. No poll necessary, all of my wise ass friends gave me inspiration!

  2. Yay! A new poll. We can call it.... "The Bean Poll." So... Snow on Friday. Happy April Fool's Day. I'll watch the weather and Sally Ann (Our weather chick) will be like... "Today, We'll have a high in the mid 70's and It'll be sunny and clear." "Ha Ha! April's Fools, It's gonna fuckin' SNOW!" It's a good thing that my woman is hot (As shit) It's the only source of heat that I can get up here.

    Rufus.... Jesus. What more could I possibly add. So I go looking for him yesterday and we see him in the neighbor's yard, halfway down a Groundhog hole. The only thing that we saw was his ass in the air and dirt flying. No luck. The only thing that he got , was yelled at. Crazy ass dog.

    Ted vs. the ceiling. That shit really stuffs my bird. I hate having to do shit twice but you know... It's only one way to do things. The right way. I swear, I'd do that ceiling a million times if I had to because every time I'd look at it, I'd get pissed. Half assed shit..... Not for me.