Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day of Reckoning

The eldest spawn wants to know what the hell he did to you people?

He actually was a pretty good sport about it.

The Dragon was too.

The youngest spawn made tracks.

We harvested some figs.

Next...Still owe you a salsa verde recipe.  And, we have yet to get the video we need for Weinergate.  Also, considering working on an herb bracket for the next few polls.


  1. Now who knew that the dog would like broccoli... We put some in his bowl just to watch him turn his nose to it. (Wrong.) Rufus Dragon ate that shit like it was going outta style! So now we know... He needs to do a little slimmin' down anyways.... By no fault of his own...he's getting big as shit! Yeah... it's my fault. I give him treats all day long; The damn dog eats more than I do. Oh well.

    That damn mulch pile is about to kick my ass. It's like.... Never ending. It's a great investment though, It's looking pretty good... Except for around the dogwood tree. The tree decided that it was a perfect time to start shedding it's flowers. White flowers on black mulch.... looks like shit. What can ya do? The eldest spawn was ABSOLUTELY correct in saying that moving mulch around in a wheel barrow SUCKS! It sucks a big 'ol fat ass... Is what it sucks. The neighbor took pity on me and is letting me bum his lawn tractor and cart. (Thanks Scott!) You're saving my ass. Especially now that it's a million fuckin' degrees outside (But I'm NOT bitchin' about it... I'll take the heat over the snow any day.) While we're on the subject of the eldest spawn....

    I'm not one to beat around the bush so I'm just gonna throw this out there.... The eldest is about at the driving age.... Someone needs to buy him a car. I've been watching him play the latest Grand Theft Auto.... (We're not buying the car.) There... I said it.

    That's right Tink.... Figs. They're REALLY good too! Grilled figs with a goat cheese beignet drizzled with some balsamic caramel and some fresh cracked pepper?! What? Are you shittin' me?! Try it..... I dare ya.